Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe: Sexy, Long Hair Takes Work

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Harry Potter is looking a lot like a blonde Snape these days.  Daniel Radcliffe turned up on the WhatsonStage Awards to collect his best actor award for his outstanding performance in the Cripple of Inishmaan with shoulder-length extensions, surprising almost everyone, the Irish Independent reported. After all, this is a far cry from his clean-shaven and adorable look during his days as the Potter boy that captured the hearts of many girls.

Radcliffe, now 24, a tad older compared to his Potter days shared that his hair extensions are not easy to maintain. He put hair extensions for his role as Igor in Frankenstein the movie. Asked how he is loving his new sexy, long hair, Radcliffe has nothing but praises to girls who have long hair.

For him, maintaining a long mane is a nightmare. Not because it looks bad on him, but because it takes work to deal with it. Radcliffe shared, "I don't mind how it looks but I mind dealing with it. I don't know why any man would have it voluntarily."

If there is one thing that he loves about sporting a long hair though is the anonymity that it afforded him. He can now walk down the street without legions of fans recognizing him and rushing after Harry Potter.

Radcliffe also admitted that having long hair is fun because it is different. He shared, "I actually don't mind it because there's something really fun about looking totally different and seeing yourself that way. But it's not a permanent change."

Aside from talking about his hair, Radcliffe also talked about the role that made him appear on the WhatsonStage Awards in the first place. Radcliffe won an award for his remarkable performance in the West End revival of Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Inishmaan.

He played a bullied, disabled boy who dared to dream about becoming famous when he learned that a Hollywood film is shooting close by. This is not that different from playing Harry Potter, a boy that is unwanted and unloved until he learned that a world of wizardry awaits him.

The saga that is Harry Potter ended years ago so it was also great for Daniel Radcliffe to be reunited with Rupert Grint, his Potter co-star. Rupert Grint was also noteworthy in his performance in Mojo, earning him the best newcomer award.

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