Harry Potter Fans Ties the Knot in a Staggering AU$36.6K Hogwarts-Themed Wedding

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Two die-hard Harry Potter fans relived their love for the fantasy series on the biggest day of their lives through a Hogwarts themed wedding. The couple tied the knot to the tune of AU$36,600 for the spectacular Harry Potter-themed event complete with magic wands, sorting hat, Hogwarts' houses, Harry Potter soundtrack and even Harry Potter quotes in the wedding vows.

According to an article from Express, Zoe Howe from Telford, Shropshire, UK, finally hitched with her childhood sweetheart Alex Pitas from Wisconsin, USA, after spending 9 years together. The couple exchanged their "I Dos" in a local registry and put their own Harry Potter twist in the final speech of their wedding vows.

"In the final speech when we were married, it ended with the line, 'Your bond is for life' and bonds are important in the books," the 25-year-old wife revealed. During their wedding, she was carrying a bouquet which was hand-crafted from the pages of the book "Order of the Phoenix." For the processional march, the Harry Potter soundtrack echoed throughout the wedding room.

The wedding reception was held at The Wroxeter Hotel in Wroxeter, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. Just like the shocked hotel staff when they first learned the theme, some of the couple's 100 guests were also astonished upon learning the theme when they arrived at the venue.

Each of the guests were provided with wands which were personally made from paper, hot glue and paint. There were also potion bottles purchased from eBay which were splashed with glitters and food colouring, making them look more authentic.

The different tables where the guests sat were named after the four Hogwarts houses, namely Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Additional tables were also provided for J.K Rowling's characters, heroic Order of the Phoenix and even the evil Death Eaters.

For the table centerpieces, the couple opted for vases decorated with scavenged woods. Hanging from the branches were small antigue keys and golden snitches. Even the couple's wedding cake was a Sorting Hat.

The immense Harry Potter fans and their son Max personally prepared all the Harry Potter touches every evening for 9 months prior to their wedding. But with the astonishing amount splurged on their dream wedding, the couple never minded that they had not gone to a honeymoon.

"It was just the perfect day. We ended up with the wedding party having a duel on the lawn outside, and everyone got into the spirit of things. It was a truly memorable day," Howe stated.

JOL Photography had captured the moment of Zoe Howe and Alex Pita's Hogwarts themed wedding. To see some snapshots, please visit the site by clicking here.

In a previous article from Daily Mail, two immense Harry Potter fans Joshue Votaw and Meredith Fahley also had their Harry Potter themed wedding in Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles. The restaurant manager who read the couple's wedding vows was dressed as Severus Snape.  

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