‘Harry Potter’ Actress Emma Watson Tries Not To Date Famous Men [PHOTOS]

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The "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson has revealed why she tries not to make friends with famous fellow celebrities or even date one. The 22-year old famous English actress explained in an interview with Glamour magazine that her love life only gets off the ground with the guys that she has studied with at the university.

Emma Watson has also insisted that she was barely tempted with the idea of dating the boys that she worked with because it feels quite fake.

"I try not to date famous men. It definitely makes me nervous," Watson explained. "I haven't tried to make other celebrity friends or date people who are in my industry because it's difficult and it can be really superficial. I'm lucky that most of the people I've dated I've been at university with," she revealed.

During the interview, the "My Week With Marilyn" actress also explained why the thought of being in a relationship with a famous celebrity like herself makes her feel on the edge. "I like this idea of quality control that we don't have to accept just anyone into our lives. People talk about love as though it just happens to you as though you can make good choices and bad. But women have a natural tendency to want to nurture and take care of men," Watson said.

"You always think that the guy is going to end up coming around and that you're going to be the one that saves him like the Oasis song 'Wonderwall.' Actually, I don't think that you can change other people, but women always hope for the best," Watson further explained.

The young and talented actress reportedly revealed that she wishes she had received some kind of advice about love at a young age.

"I wish someone had told me at 15, 'You accept the love you think you deserve'. I would have approached my relationships completely differently if they had," Watson said.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson also admitted in the same interview that men did not like her short, pixie-crop hairstyle.

"I have to grow it out for roles but if I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever," Watson claimed. "Of course, men like long hair. There's no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, 'Why did you do that? That's such an error.' And I was like, 'Well, honestly, I don't really care what you think!' I've never felt as confident as I did with short hair. I felt really good in my own skin," Watson shared.

Emma Watson currently stars in her latest film "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" which will be released on September 21 in United States of America and on October 3 in United Kingdom.

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