Harriet Wran Sleeps On Streets, Desperate For Drugs Before Murder Took Place

  @AringoYenko on August 15 2014 12:47 PM

Harriet Wran, the youngest daughter for ex NSW Premier Neville Wran, had been sleeping on streets and had been in deteriorated state due to amphetamine abuse.

The younger Wran, 26 years old, a former University of Sydney student, had been living in the streets as she became deeply addicted to amphetamine abuse.

"She's been sleeping in the streets. She's been sleeping in the streets and has relapsed into an addiction to amphetamines generally," unnamed sources told The Daily Telegraph.

The source said that Wran had just had a relapsed shortly after her father died and had no permanent address for several weeks. She had not been living in the family's home for quite a period already.

Another source said that Wran started behaving this way as she struggled emotionally, grieving the loss of her father in April.

Wran is being charged of murder, attempted murder and aggravated break and enter. She was arrested on Wednesday and was due to attend court Thursday.

She was arrested after the police identified her with two other male suspects, Michael Lee, 30, and Lloyd Edward Haines, 29, from a CCTV footage.

According to the extensive statement of Wran obtained by the Daily Telegraph, she was just accompanying Lee and Haines to the apartment where the murder took place. The men promised her drugs. However, the two started laying on the victim as soon as they arrived in the apartment.

Wran had just met Haines that day and had just occasionally bought drugs from Lee.

The murdered man was Daniel John McNulty, 48, who was known to be a small-time drug dealer.

Friends for McNulty described him as a talented musician and funny as well.

"Daniel was a funny, talented and gifted musician who had an on going battle with addiction," a friend said.

"He, like so many others hated what he had become but couldn't get away from it, being on a treadmill of hand to mouth subsistence living, trying to keep off drugs in his environment was impossible," another friend remarked.

"Your sharp wit, world observations, humour and brilliant dance moves will be missed my friend. Rest in Peace," another friend said.

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