Harlem Shake YouTube Videos: Check out Animated Sardonic Version and Australian Justice Crew Shirtless Edition

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YouTube Harlem Shake videos continue to go viral as the all-male Aussie hip-hop group Justice Crew went trending on Twitter for their own abs-revealing "Harlem style." Could this social media dance craze beat the phenomenon of Korean Psy's Gangnam Style?

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The Harlem Shake revival is credited to 23-year-old Brooklyn DJ named Baauer. It should Just a week ago, a compilation video of Harlem Shake versions was uploaded to YouTube. It has so far drawn 8.5 million views. The Justice Crew clip, uploaded just almost two days ago, has not reached that level. But the shirtless boys are drawing raves for their deliberately crazy-funny-sexy wiggles to the beat. (Scroll down to watch the video.)

Justice Crew consists of dancers Lukas Bellesini, Paul Eric Merciadez, John Len Ruela Pearce, Len John Ruela Pearce, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Cosray Smith and Solo Tohi. They won the fourth season of Australia's Got Talent in 2010, and subsequently signed with Sony Music Australia. Here is a link to their Facebook page. The group celebrated their trending hashtag on Twitter with the post displayed below.

#JCHarlemShake Trends on Twitter Australia (Image: Twitter)

Animated Harlem Shake, Sardonic Style

Many Harlem Shake videos are attracting viewers. One of them is this washing machine edition. Another version goes with the YouTube title, Harlem Shake Best Presidential Edition.

CNN newsanchor Anderson Cooper has also shown a video of his staff dancing Harlem Shake. But he said he was "horrified" and "uncomfortable" about it. DJ Baauer shouted out he and Cooper are "still cool" despite his apparent disinterest for the dance.

An animated Harlem Shake sardonic version is also growing in popularity. (Scroll down for the video.) Gangnam Style did not please everyone when everyone else just couldn't stop dancing to Psy's tune. The case is repeated now for "Harlem style."

VIDEO: YouTube Harlem Shake Video feat. Justice Crew

VIDEO: YouTube Harlem Shake Video (The Sardonic Version)


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