Harlem Shake Style Rules, Compilation Draws 6M Views in a Week [VIDEO]

The Harlem Style Generations: P. Diddy and DJ Baauer

  @jotfields on February 18 2013 2:57 PM

The Harlem Shake is an old dance move sparking new interest among YouTube video makers and social media users today. A week ago, a Harlem Shake compilation video of the best dance clips was posted to the video sharing site, and it has so far drawn over 6 million views. Is it the new Gangnam Style?

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DJ Baauer has over 70,000 'Likes' on Facebook, while the Harlem Shake compilation gathered 6 million views in a week. (Image: DJ Baauer Facebook Cover Photo)

Original Harlem Shake? Harlem Style Generations with P. Diddy and DJ Baauer

In the late '90s, P. Diddy ruled the Harlem Shake. By the late 2001, the shake-it-as-you-want-it dance style was still a thing. G.Dep's "Let's Get It" inspired a lot of Harlem Shake moves in 2001. But the Westord blog pointed out the Harlem Shake dance was already hitting the dance floors in the '80s, so the original Harlem Shake must have been going for decades without having a name.

The way Harlem Shake goes is pretty simple: no specific steps, no exact grooves, no stepcount. Dancers just shake their body to the beat freestyle.

The Harlem Shake revival was sparked by 23-year-old Brooklyn DJ named Baauer. The jolting beats of his "Harlem Shake" record evidently got people moving their bodies with intent to humor others. And so far, the moves seem to be working and still going viral.

If the 'Harlem Style' is the next Gangnam Style indeed, YouTube users will see hundreds more of Harlem Shake videos in the next several months. But in this day and age of fleeting attention and social media whims, taking a dance style to Gangnam level is a tough act.

'Harlem Style' Rules on Reddit

Harlem Style is not difficult, but there are rules, according to Reddit. If anything goes viral, Reddit will have some information on the subject. So anyone who plans on adding to the long list of Harlem Shake posters are advised to heed the following rules by Reddit user Swaqqalicious:

1. The original dancer must be wearing a mask of some sorts.

2. NOBODY can be laughing or smiling when only one person is dancing.

3. When everyone starts dancing, there must be someone convulsing or having a seizure.

4. Go batshit crazy

5. Don't make lousy transtitions that don't match the music

6. Be at least a little unique.

YouTube Harlem Shake Compilation Video


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