Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart: Did Robert Pattisnon Wear Special Cologne?

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As Kristen Stewart's birthday is approaching, rumor mill is working overtime in regards to her reunion with Robert Pattinson. Reports have been suggesting that Pattinson has rushed back to L.A. just to be with Stewart. And not only this, numerous tabloids have also suggested that Pattinson will be wearing fancy cologne to lure Stewart. The speculation regarding Pattinson wearing alluring cologne stemmed out from the "Twilight" star's latest interview about him being the face of Dior.

The "Twilight" star revealed to April Issue of "Beauty The Guide" that he was astonished when Dior approached him but when he met the creative team of the fragrance he was immensely impressed by their open mindedness.

"When Dior approached me, I was genuinely shocked at first because the name alone is almost mythological. I like what Dior represents, and they approached me in a way that just felt right, as did the timing because I was coming to the end of Twilight. I remember meeting the creative team and they completely changed my mind when I saw how open-minded they were. Their interest in an artistic collaboration, beyond the expected high-end commercial is what got me interested," said Pattinson as reported by Perez Hilton.

Concerning the use of fragrance, Pattinson considers wearing fragrance as an adult thing and one should wear the cologne when you are going out for a reason.

Does that mean Stewart's birthday will be reason enough for Pattinson to wear the cologne? Well it is being said that Kristen Stewart wants to celebrate her birthday with Pattinson and she even wants the actor to give her a new dog.

As per fans imagination, if Pattinson and Stewart reunite tomorrow then one never knows. Pattinson may wear his favorite Dior fragrance to charm her ex-girlfriend on her 24th birthday.

For further details on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's birthday, stay tuned.

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