Happy 23rd Birthday, Kristen Stewart! Top 23 Things to Love about Robert Pattinson’s Birthday Girl [PHOTOS]


Is There Anything You Won't Love About Kristen? A successful, gorgeous 23-year old actress, who has it all: great career, family and love. Kristen Stewart is celebrating her 23rd birthday today, April 9, 2013 and the actress, who has had a very challenging, tumultuous, difficult year has risen up and with the help of her great love, Robert Pattinson and their millions of Tween fans, Kristen has been seen smiling again.

Kristen Stewart: Happy Birthday at 23!

Here are the top 23 reasons Kristen Stewart should be celebrating her 23rd birthday with a bang! Read up and see the list that also gives you the top 23 reasons millions of Tween fans love Kristen:

1. She wants to write! "I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do, but it's not all I want to do...,” Kristen said in an interview in 2008.

2. She loves to read books. Kristen had named her favorite books and these include "East of Eden", "The Stranger", and "Hot Water Music" as some on top of her list.

3. She’s talented! Judging by the range of roles Kristen has taken since she began acting as a child, there could be no doubt that K-Stew has shown a wide range of characters that she could play in films.

Kristen Stewart: Happy Birthday at 23!

4. She can cook. “Lasagna cook-off this past weekend with Kristen — we had judges and everything — She won. Damn, that girl can cook! Love you babe,” Kristen Stewart’s mom, Jules Stewart was quoted as saying when the mom and daughter bonded on Valentine’s Day, this year.

5. She loves sports! You’ve seen Kristen play golf not only with Robert recently but also with her Dad in Malibu last year. Kristen had also gone out hitting the batting cages with Taylor Lautner while Robert was in Australia in late-February and early March 2013.

6. She shops vintage. 7. She drives a mini-cooper! 8. She’s got beautiful green eyes. A series of photos of Kristen in the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards showed the actress’s green eyes and her light make-up had put emphasis on the color of her smokey eyes.

9. She has an amazing legs! The creation by London-based designer, we now know as Osman has given emphasis Kristen’s slim, great pair of pins and the Speak star could not look any better in the pair of blue tiny shorts and rounded-necked top at the 2013 KCA.

10. She’s a vampire vixen and the name could never be more appropriate! Her transformation as the vampire vixen at the final installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 could never have shown Kristen better as a hot, vampire Mama for Renesmee. She had played the part pretty well and even had shown her acting at notches higher as a vampire. No wonder she won the award as 2013 KCA’s Favorite Female Buttkicker, even beating out 2013 Oscars Best Actress Winner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Kristen Stewart: Happy Birthday at 23!

11. She can appear tomboy and still looks gorgeous Kristen can rock a block and white converse and no matter how rusty the pair of shoe looks, she still looks cool in them.

12. She’s got great sense of fashion. 13. She looks great even without make-up. 14. She never looks prettier! 15. She’s kind-hearted as she is friendly with animals! We all know how soft-hearted Kristen could be. With her love, Robert, Kristen had rescued a dog, we know as Bear, from a shelter house. Bear is now with Bernie and Rob and Kristen love both of them.

16. She listens to music and enjoys them! Kristen is into U2, The Shins and she loves Bob Marley. The actress was spotted attending an Ellie Goulding’s concert on a weekend of the Grammy Awards and her songs had apparently reminded her of Rob.

17. She loves her fans more than ever! How many pictures of Kristen with fans have you seen in February and March 2013? In the last two months, while Robert was in Australia filming The Rover, Kristen was all game posing with fans and generous to give them big smiles when taking pictures with them. In fact, a picture with a fan named Lany Morrison was the one to give away that Robert is already back in L.A.

18. She’s got great friends! 19. She’s in touch with her roots and she loves her family dearly! 20. She’s been winning! Kristen came out as a big winner at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards. She won the major categories for the Favorite Movie Actress Award for her role in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, beating out Oscars 2013 Best Actress Awardee, Jennifer Lawrence. She also triumphed over Lawrence in the KCA’s Favorite Female Buttkicker Awards. Kristen is likely to win as the Best Hero in 2013 MTV Awards for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Most of all, she had won back the man she loves.

21. She’s humble. She made a mistake with Rupert Sanders. We all know it. We also know that Kristen had admitted to her mistake and she owned up to it, apologized to Robert and asked for forgiveness.

"She wasn't having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn't have happened," a source was quoted as saying.

Kristen Stewart: Happy Birthday at 23! Photo from desichat99.blogspot.com

22. She’s back in Robert Pattinson’s arms’ She stood up to her feelings and fought for her love for Robert Pattinson. "She never meant to hurt anyone. She's a good person who just made a bad choice," a source close to Kristen said.

Robert can’t imagine a life without Kristen.

"He's done a lot of soul-searching and realises that although their relationship is less than perfect, he couldn't imagine life without her,” a source told Female First.

23. She’s in love!

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