Happy 22nd Birthday Emma Watson: Her Hottest & Best Looks [PHOTOS]


"Harry Potter's" Emma Watson, who plays the lovable and witty, Hermione Granger, has turned 22 today. She might have started off with the bushy hair and not-so flattering red carpet looks at her first Potter premiere but she has evolved through the years. Take a look at Lancôme's fashion vixen's' best looks so far.

In the year 2000, Emma Watson first came out as the 11-year old British actress to play the bushy-haired, know-it-all, Hermione Granger in J.K. Rowling's' best-selling novel, "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's' Stone." Little did the viewers know, this 11-year old would turn out to be one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood today.

Emma Watson has graced the covers of multiple magazine covers from the iconic, Vogue, to the high-ranking film magazine, Empire. She's the ambassador of People Tree and has created a number of eco-friendly clothing for Alberta Ferrari. Advertising for Lancôme and Burberry are just a few of her side projects in comparison to her up and coming films.

Her "Harry Potter" days may have been over but her acting career continues to skyrocket. She's been in countless films apart from "Harry Potter" and her latest so far would be the remake of "Bling Ring" based on a real time event about a group of teenagers who snuck into celebrity homes to steal high-end items and put them on for sale.

Despite her fashion and film career, the 22-year old still has time for her education which is enough to say she is indeed the perfect Hermione Granger. She's currently studying at the Ivy League School, Brown University where she's learning up on European women's history and drama.

A few films her fans should watch out for this year is "Perks of Being a Wallflower" opposite Logan Lerman. Talks for "Beauty & the Beast" remake are still underway but right now all Emma-fanatics have to wait for is the wrapping up of "Bling Ring."

Emma has captured the attention of the world ever since she came out as Hermione Granger and she still continues to warrant the interest of her fans and of Hollywood with her incredible acting and her impeccable fashion style.

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