Hank-Kendra Divorce: Kendra Reportedly Entertaining Other Men, Hugh Hefner Wants Her Back to the Playboy Mansion

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's divorce drama isn't over yet. The couple has been tight-lipped on matters pertaining to their marital problems, which started after Hank's affair with transgender Ava London was revealed. However, reports claimed the couple reportedly agreed to have an open marriage, with Kendra entertaining other men. Yet, amidst this rumoured marital arrangement, Kendra is reportedly still devastated that even her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner had invited her back to the Playboy mansion.

A source told Hollywood Life that the former Playboy model and her husband, ex-NFL player Hank Baskett, reportedly have an open relationship. The source added at times the couple would invite other people to join them in the bedroom. Throughout the years, they would have their respective rendezvous with other people.

"Kendra is and has always been known to get herself into weird sexual situations," the source further claimed. The source said Kendra doesn't mind if her husband cheats as long as she keeps "him around for the long haul."

According to Celebdirtylaundry, Kendra suggested the arragement after she reconnected with her ex Shawn Merriman, who is also Hank's friend. 

In a visit to San Diego for a club appearance in 2013, sources claimed Kendra hooked up with Shawn. They were reportedly both happy to see each other that they met up again the following day. When Kendra returned home, she had reportedly seemed distant.

When Kendra had suggested the open relationship, sources claimed Hank had laughed it off. He thought she was just joking. Now sources are saying she was serious and only showing that she was unhappy with her marriage.

When Hank's affair with Ava London was made public, Kendra was reportedly not surprised. But a source told Hollywood Life that she was mad since it had "embarassed the family."

Now Hank has been kicked out of their home, Boston Herald reported. He is said to be staying at a friend's house. Meanwhile Kendra is left to juggle two kids and a career. According to a source, Kendra needs all the help and support that she can get.

Apparently, Kendra's ex-lover Hugh Hefner has phoned her several times to show his support.

"He told her to come to the Playboy Mansion any time," a source said. The 88-year old whom Kendra also regards as a father figure has reportedly been "supportive." The source claimed Hefner "hates that Kendra is going through this."

However, even with rumours of an impending divorce, neither Hank Baskett nor Kendra Wilkinson has denied nor confirmed any of these allegations. Their representatives have also remained silent on matters pertaining to their marriage.

Source: YouTube/sheknowsdotcom

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