Hank Baskett-Kendra Wilkinson Divorce Drama: Kendra Sans-Wedding Ring, Hank’s Cheating Scandal Not A Surprise

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Hank Baskett's alleged affair with transgender escort Ava London is apparently not surprising to his wife, reality-TV star Kendra Wilkinson, who was spotted sans-wedding ring after the cheating scandal broke out. 

Hollywood Life reported Kendra was spotted for the first time since the Hank Baskett-Ava London cheating scandal broke out. The reality-TV star stepped out in LA on July 1 for a meeting. Although she looked wonderful and calm in black jeans, a coral top and a crisp white blazer, the gossip site claimed she didn't seem like her usual upbeat self.

Most of all, the former "Girls Next Door" star was spotted sans-wedding ring (see photo).

A source told US Magazine that Wilkinson, 29, in a fit of rage, flushed her wedding ring down the toilet after learning that her husband of five years had indeed cheated on her with London.

When Hank Baskett didn't rush to the press to clear his name of the rumours, Kendra became suspicious. So she "started snooping," a source told US. When she found a "damning charge on his credit card, she flipped,'" the source added.

The former Playboy model reportedly punched the walls in their Calabasas, California home and threw their 2009 wedding photos into the pool. She also pulled off her wedding ring and flushed it down the toilet.

"She was extremely angry," the source said.

However, TMZ reported Kendra stepping out without her wedding ring is no indication that the couple is headed for a divorce.

A source close to the couple said they are working through resolving issues concerning the allegations and that Hank is still living with Kendra in their family home. He's been there for more than four days after his mysterious absence of 2-3 days. 

As for the missing wedding ring, Kendra reportedly still has it she just rarely wears it.

Furthermore, sources told Hollywood Life that Kendra wasn't surprised at all by Hank cheating on her with transgender Ava London.  Apparently the couple has agreed on a marital arrangement.

"Kendra and Hank have an open marriage. They have had people join them in the bedroom from time to time, and have also had their own trysts throughout the years," the source said.

"But they know about what they do, nothing is behind each other's backs," added the source.

The source claimed prior to having her children, Kendra has always been known to get into weird sexual situations. She reportedly also doesn't mind if Hank's eyes wander if it means keeping the marriage intact.

Kendra might be mad at Hank at the moment not because of the affair but because he didn't tell her.

"She believes that the accusations are true, that he met with this transsexual in question, but also believes that it was a one-time thing," another source revealed.

Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly not against Hank Baskett's tryst with Ava London. She's just mad that the alleged affair went public and embarrassed the family.

"So she is mad at him but they will not break up over it," the source claimed.

Source:YouTube/ Splash News

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