Hangover 3 Review: See Viewers' Ratings, Twitterverse Inundated with Moviegoers’ Mixed Reactions [VIDEO]

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Hangover 3 reviews come in a huge mix of 'Yays' and 'Nays' from the moviegoers. The Twitterverse is flooded with various comments from users who seem to have seen several versions of the third Hangover film.

Award-winning comedy actress Melissa McCarthy joins Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms in the wild ride that is Hangover 3. Rottentomatoes' Tomatometer gave the film a measly 20% rating. The audience who shared reviews on the site is more appreciative, giving the comedy 88% rating. In contrast, The Hangover 2 got 34% and 58% in 2011, respectively. The award-winning The Hangover in 2009 drew 79% and 87% ratings, respectively.

The first Hangover installment won the Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, among other recognitions. Based on critics' reception of Hangover 3, similar awards might not happen for the third film.

"The worst sin committed by 'The Hangover Part III' is that it simply isn't funny. Stu, Phil and Alan wind up playing second fiddle to Chow's screeching one note," writes James Rocchi of MSN Movies. On Twitter, many viewers aired similar and varying insights.

Some tweets are quite intriguing. Here's a teaser from Twitter user Kirsty Sharman: "If you watch The Hangover 3 for one reason, let that reason be Alan's wardrobe... its magical!"

But the third installment of the hilarious film about extreme booze consequences should be the last one, according to some viewers.

"Hangover 3. 6/10 Please stop making them," tweets Tiffany Kudrikow.

Still, on the far end of mixed reviews are expressions of sheer appreciation of the gang comedy.

"Hangover 3 is absolutely hilarious, could not stop laughing," tweets Georgia Bayliss.

VIDEO: Hangover 3 Official Trailer [HD]

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