Hamptons Locals Ban Kardashian Sisters to Shoot in a Local Eatery, 'Campaign to Get Them Arrested'

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Kourtney Kardashian
Television personality Kourtney Kardashian arrives at the E! 20th Birthday Celebrating Two Decades of Pop Culture, in West Hollywood, California, May 24, 2010. REUTERS/GUS RUELAS

Recent reports cited how Hamptons locals have loathed Kourtney and Khloe deciding to "take them" for their reality show, "Kourtney and Khloe Takes the Hamptons."

Locals called them stingy, rude and other names signifying their dislike for the sisters. But a recent report claimed the locals are taking their disgust to the next level. They're actually scheming to get the sisters out of their area and even arrested if they have to.

Scheming to get them out of the Hamptons means being uncooperative on producers' requests, Radar Online reported. According to Radar Online, Nick & Toni's, a local eatery located in East Hampton, had the gall of refusing to let the production team's requests to shoot the sisters having either lunch or dinner.

"Producers really wanted to film Kim, Khloe and Kourtney having lunch or dinner at Nick & Toni's because so many celebrities eat there," an insider of Radar Online shared.

"They were flatly turned down, even after being told that Kim would be in town for filming."

The management of the famous eatery disliked the sisters so much saying allowing them to eat and shoot there will do their dinner more harm than good. The owners are even convinced that the sisters will only taint the image of the restaurant and affect its future business.

"Management for the restaurant made it clear: under no uncertain circumstances would they allow their restaurant to be overrun by a bunch of out-of-town reality stars with cameras in tow," the source detailed.

"Nick & Toni's doesn't need the press, in fact, if they had allowed it, many of their celebrity diners would probably never come back."

The locals are not stopping at being uncooperative. They also think the sisters should get arrested so they can get out of the locals' hair for good. According to the New York Post, locals are being encouraged to sic the police on the sisters if they will continue to shoot in their beaches.

New York Post reported East Hampton Town Trustee Diane McNally have encouraged locals at a town board meeting to be more vigilant against the sisters.

The trustee reportedly said, "Who gave the Kardashians permission to film [on Hamptons beaches]? The trustees should have been notified if they had applied for a permit to film on the beach, and we were not notified. Filming on our beaches is disruptive. Our residents are entitled to peace and quiet. I suggest that if anyone sees the Kardashians filming on the beach, they should call the police, because they are not legally there."

Khloe does not understand where the hatred is coming from. For her, she's doing the locals a huge favor.

"Khloe doesn't understand why the locals are so angry about their arrival in town. She is acting like a real diva, and says the Hamtpons should be lucky to have her in town, as it's a boost to the local economy," Radar Online reported earlier.

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