Hamas Terrorists Admit To Using Human Shield, Launching Rockets From School Playgrounds - IDF Reports [Video]

A Palestinian man looks out of his heavily damaged house at neighbouring houses which witnesses said were destroyed during the Israeli offensive, in the east of Gaza City September 3, 2014. An open-ended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza militants, mediated by Egypt, took effect on August 26 after a seven-week conflict. It called for an indefinite halt to hostilities, the immediate opening of Gaza's blockaded crossings with Israel and Egypt, and a widening of the territory's fishing zone in the Mediterranean.

Hamas terrorists admitted to using human shield by using mosques and hospitals as hiding places and building tunnels near school playground. The confession came as dozens of Hamas terrorists were interrogated by the Israel Security Agency or ISA as part of its Operation Protective Edge.

Terrorist Abd Al-Rahman Ba'aloosha confessed that Hamas convene its fighters in key mosques after building a bunker underneath. One terrorist had shared that he was recruited during a meeting held inside the underground bunkers.

Two other terrorists, Afif and Ahmed Jarrah, made the chilling revelation that Hamas had built an attack tunnel within a school playground - from which rockets were being launched. A similar tunnel was also built within hospital premises. As part of its plan, these tunnels shall serve as holding place for kidnapped IDF soldiers.

Samir Abu Luli, another terrorist interrogated by ISF, divulged that Hamas' police officers were deployed in the Al-Najar Hospital of Rafah. They act as bodyguards for operatives of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad hiding inside. Nafez Shaluf, one of the terrorists, said Hamas usually hurled sick patients out in the streets.

"The terrorist organization shamelessly exploits Gaza's population as a cover for its terror activity. By attacking Israel from homes, hospitals, schools and mosques, terrorists endanger Gaza's populated areas and turn civilians into human shields," IDF said in its report.

According to an IDF senior commander, Hamas saw the advantage of using the civilian people as human shields. It understands that the IDF will find it hard to retaliate at the expense of innocent people. Hamas' use of innocent people as human shield was first exposed early August through a captured Hamas manual.

In the captured manual, Hamas' explains that the "presence of civilians are pockets of resistance" as IDF will find it hard to gain advance. Through human shields, the enemy will face problems with opening fire, controlling the civilian population during operations and afterwards, and would serve as an assurance that supply of medical care to civilians who need it will be halted. And in the case that the enemy shall retaliate, the destruction of civilian homes will increase the hatred of the citizens towards the IDF - which will increase support from city defenders and activists.

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