'Halo 5' Seen to be an 'Open World Game;' New Games in the Offing

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'Halo 5' is creating all the buzz for the gamers worldwide. There are only few details regarding this title available and 'Halo 5' is not even the official name of the game. But Microsoft is expected to reveal more information about the game at E3 2014 press conference set for next month.

Ashan Rasheed, an industry insider disclosed the game will be based on an "open world" concept. Games based on open world concept are already a hot-favorite among gamers owing to the grand success of "Grand Theft Auto 5." Also, Ubisoft will be releasing its Watch Dogs game in the near future. If the reports were true, Halo 5 could see a 2014 release.

What to Expect From E3?

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division in Microsoft, said, "For the next twelve months Xbox One gamers will be spoilt for choice because the company is going to release a long list of great franchises, in addition to new IPs which will make the console worth buying." The sales report from Xbox has not been very impressive so far when compared to PS4, which apparently sold 2 million units more than Xbox.

New Games

Microsoft plans to release a new Halo 2 anniversary edition with multiplayer option. This upcoming game is expected to launch by June or July. Gamers could also see Halo 3 port and Halo 4 port for Xbox One within a span of one year. In the scheduled E3 press conference, Microsoft is set to give details on how Xbox One will make use of its cloud computing services to render the title. If this set up works out, it will be a visual treat to view/play in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second environment.

A fan petition saved the game Halo Combat and its multiplayer variant for desktop/pc from shutting down. According to Culture Mob, the Halo Combat game for PCs is expected to run shortly. 

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