Half A Dozen People Caught Having Sex In Moving Van In Ibiza—Reports

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Police caught six people having sex in the back of a moving van. These people were reportedly fined subsequently.

Diaro de Mallorca reported the three Swiss couples touring Ibiza, the partying island in Mediterranean Sea, were caught in the act when police stumbled upon them during a routine check. Police were patrolling through the area famous for partygoers to keep a check on drunken driving and accidents.

According to the report, it was during the check that the police halted the van and found out that driver was sober. However, at this point, they discovered that the couples traveling in the van were engaged in intercourse at the back of the vehicle. The report suggests that the three couples seemed unhindered by the "police presence."

According to The Local, the police "asked the couples to cease their activities, get dressed and provide identification." Each one of them was fined 200 euros. But in the shocking twist of events, the three men and three women were reportedly fined for "not wearing seatbelts" and "for their lack of decency."

Furthermore, the couples managed to get their fine amount reduced by half because they were ready to pay it on the spot.

Police told the newspaper that it was the first ever in Ibiza that they fined couples engaged in sexual act in a moving vehicle.

BuzzFeed notes that the van was spotted by police near Playa de'n Bossa. Even though the nine-seater van's driver was sober, he was reportedly "warned for his reckless driving."

This is one of the many such recent incidents of people performing sex acts in public areas. On July 22, Fox13 reported that a couple was caught by police for having sex on Bradenton Beach in Florida. The act was witnessed by public on the beach including children. Another such incident surfaced when a video of British tourists engaged in sexual activity between two parked cars on Magaluf Street in Mollarca emerged. Prior to this, a 21-year-old girl was filmed performing a sexual act on almost two dozen men in a pub in Magaluf.

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