Hair Iron Could Spell the Future of Instant Hair Colour - US Engineers [Watch Video]

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People who are hair conscious can look forward to instant hair colour without using hair dye. Thanks to the futuristic alternative of the US engineers, hair colours can one day change from brunette, to orange, or blond with just one brush of the hair iron.

According to the University of New Mexico news release, engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico have been developing a focused ion beam (FIB) technology for the last five years. The technology was tested among the blonde, black, and brown hair colours and the results showed that the hair iron works best with brown locks.

The Web site reported that the hair iron allows anyone to create customized hair colours or patterns and try out with the plethora of hair shades. People who have sensitive skin or skin allergies and cannot use hair dye can also benefit from this technology.

Technology proponent Professor Zayd Leseman stated in a YouTube video that the effect of instant hair colour using the hair iron technology could be permanent or semi-permanent. To make a semi-permanent hair colour, the professor stated that the technology could be used by creating a conditioner type of product. This polymer-like coating on the hair can be easily washed out after the desired use.

For those who wanted to have a permanent effect, the Professor said that the technology could be utilised by making the pattern directly into the hair. The hair colour will permanently stick into the hair until it grows out.

The science behind the hair iron was explained in more detail in an article from Daily Mail. The Web site mentioned that the engineers utilised hyperbola patterns and Archimedean spirals to create patterns on single hair strands. The patterns reflected certain light bandwidths depending on the line distance, width, and depths made the hair appeared to change colour instantly.

To make the hair achieve instant colour change, the nano-scale diffraction gratings will be etched into the individual hair strands. To achieve the desired hair hue, users just have to change the "paddles" on the futuristic gadget based on their preferrence. They could also change the diffracted colour to create patterns on the hair.

At present, the technology proponents are still on the lookout for investors or entrepreneurs who share their view on the technology's potential. There's still so much to accomplish before the actual hair iron product will finally arrive in the market. Until then, hair conscious people will just have to wait before they can enjoy instant hair colour sans dye.

Watch Professor Zayd Leseman explains how to use the hair iron to instantly change hair colour in a YouTub video.

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