‘H1Z1’ Updates: New Gameplay Trailers Show Off Combat and Base, New Screenshots Showcased

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"H1Z1" is one of the most anticipated survival zombie games coming out for the PS4 and PC, and part of this is due to the community participation in giving feedback and suggestions for its improvement.

Despite its similarities and numerous comparisons to games like "DayZ," "H1Z1" is starting to show its own flavor more and more, separating it with a unique gameplay feature where the environment and its inhabitants are being considered, not just the players.

Gamerant recently talked about this unique feature, wherein the wildlife was able to interfere or distract from the characters-zombies become attracted to the deer rather than them going into an abandoned house.

Talking more about their plans for "H1Z1," Sony Online Entertainment's Adam Clegg has been featured in a guided demo and interview via Rely on Horror, where he talks more about the plans for "H1Z1" and the current progress that they've had with the title.

Interview with SOE's Adam Clegg (via YouTube/RelyonHorror)

Here, Clegg promises that they are looking at quite the ambitious scale for the world of "H1Z1." He also shares that they are still thinking about the player scale, as the main plan is to have a thousand players aligning themselves towards the goal of surviving and fighting against the enemy.

During E3 2014, a new trailer has been showcased featuring a lot of gameplay action, shooting, zombie looks and even surprising dynamics of survival, which can be seen in the video below.

Official E3 trailer for "H1Z1" (via YouTube/H1Z1)

Improvements Ongoing for "H1Z1" Involves Better Animation

"H1Z1" is not yet up for Steam Early Access, but the developers are hard at work in implementing improvements and community feedback in order to make the game an even better one by the time it gets released.

In an interview spotted by Cinema Blend, there are a few more improvements showcased, one of them being the improved animation of cutting down trees as well as other mechanics in crafting gears and weapons, which is a main part of "H1Z1."

"H1Z1" E3 gameplay interview (via YouTube/Attack Gaming)

Apart from weapons and other items, another big venture with "H1Z1" is that you can create and build your own base in the game. This includes shelter homes, vehicles, store houses and even water filters for survival in the game. According to the source, this ups the ante for trading in the game, as purified water is substantial for survival as "H1Z1" takes into consideration infection as a loss of health.

Sony Online Entertainment has also just recently released a slew of new screenshots that gives players a glimpse of what to expect of the open-world MMO game. DualShockers has obtained the screenshots, which show off some old ones that display the vehicles and the layout of some of the areas, as well as a couple of new screens, featuring zombies and even some action.

For now, there is no official release date for the Early Access on Steam, but the "H1Z1" developers have promised that it will be launching "soon." The expected PS4 version will also be releasing in the coming months.

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