‘H1Z1’ Updates: Latest Livestream Features Work in Progress, New Screenshots Spotted

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"H1Z1" seems to be going pretty smoothly, at least based on the work in progress section that the game developers have held in the most recent Twitch livestream for fans.

Taking after what was done with "Planetside 2," the work in progress is an inaugural program that will allow fans of "H1Z1" to see what the developers are doing--for instance, Adam Clegg, who was a guest during the 20/5/14 livestream, will be building new levels in the game.

In the livestream, you can see one map of the "H1Z1," which looks a little bit washed out and bare at the moment. According to Clegg, the game is taking feedback from the community, as seen during the livestream. Ideas are very much welcomed by the developers, with Greg Henninger, community manager, monitoring the suggestions so that they can be inputted into the game.

Part 1 of "H1Z1" livestream  work-in-progress (via YouTube/Brandon Bixley)

From the conversation, it seems that the areas of the map are divided into a number of sections, with the developers currently working on a residential area. And for those who want a prison and a school, the developers have already built these structures in another section.

iDigital Times also reports that the "H1Z1" livestream has also revealed a new compound that has prime location for a player vs. player open-world action for defending the camp.

New Screenshots and News on Gameplay Features

If the view from the latest Twitch live stream was not enough, there are a few screenshots from Sony Online Entertainment related to H1Z1.

Gameranx has gotten hold of the screenshots, and you can click on the link to get a glimpse. Basically, you can see an aerial shot of the environment, which appears to be a safe house locked tight with a wall surrounding it, in the style of The Walking Dead camps. There's also a shot featuring the vehicles and a close-up on the house and the living people in-game.

As far as gameplay features are concerned, Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley has announced via the official "H1Z1" Twitter, "We will be showing gameplay features from H1Z1 later this week in different streams. We're getting close."

A previous report from IncGamers quotes a live stream last April, which had mentioned an early access on Steam scheduled for May and will cost around $19.99. So far, the release date has not yet been finalized, and as far as the actual game is concerned, it is still very much a work in progress.

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