‘H1Z1’ Update: Server Rulesets, Early Access Weapons, Screenshots and E3 2014 Twitch Lineup

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Over at the official "H1Z1" Reddit thread, where the developers keep close watch on the feedback that the community provides for the game, SOE has posted a few server rulesets as an update for the title.

"We're working out ways to use our content pack system to support multiple server rulesets," said the developer.

Internally, here are some of the worked out systems that SOE has for "H1Z1":

  • Hardcore ruleset. Wipes all ownership and recipes upon death.
  • PvP v. PvE
  • Military Weapons toggle
  • Guns Toggle (melee / bows only server)
  • RP Server (VOIP attracts zombies and other tidbits).
  • Worldchat v. Area Chat
  • Hardcore ruleset 2. Starvation! (Food / Water consumption much higher).
  • Hardcore ruleset 3. Zombies / wolves deadlier / faster / hardier.
  • Base destructibility (easy, hard, not at all)

And according to the developer, they will be able tosupport server sets like Oblivion [RP][No Military Weapons][Starvation] Goodliving [PvE][No Guns][Hardcore Death].

Fans are currently suggesting a few more rulesets, such as a 3rd person view on/off ruleset and a toggle 3rd person on/off ruleset. Feedback is welcome from the community by joining the discussion in the link above.

Early Access and More Info for "H1Z1"

The regular H1Z1 broadcast over at Twitch.tv has revealed a couple more information as gathered by Gameranx. This involves Early Access weapons, which will include the Air15, 1911 handgun, pump shotgun, melee weapons, and the M24.

As for other weapons, there will be rare ones scattfered all over the place, though "H1Z1" senior designer Jimmy Whisenhunt did reveal that there are still a number of guns to be found in the environment. There are also some rare guns like the military guns. Hopefully, these won't be part of the monetized items, as Whisenhunt did say that those that will be monetized are not the items that will affect survival.

E3 2014 Twitch Lineup and "H1Z1" Schedule Revealed

Over at the official Twitch Blog, the broadcast lineup for the E3 2014 coverage has also been announced a number of games like "H1Z1" included.

"H1Z1" first gameplay footage (via YouTube/H1Z1)

"In addition to featuring a full slate of games each day from marquee publishers, all of the major press conferences will be broadcast on Twitch. We've got tons of awesome content to bring you, including the reveal of numerous unannounced game titles," said Twitch management via a press release.

Expect a great lineup, considering that this is Twitch's first year being the official live streaming platform for the E3. The full lineup can be seen in the link above, but as far as "H1Z1" fans are concerned, the Twitch broadcast is scheduled for June 11, Wednesday at 12:40 p.m. PT.

For Sony fans in general, there are a few interesting broadcasts to watch out for, mainly unannounced titles coming from SCEA, the PlanetSide 2 PS4 Edition and more.

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