H1Z1 Update: Killing Zombies in the Rain and Making Them Move for Steam Early Access

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Even until now, there is still not much word on the Steam Early Access release date for "H1Z1," but the developers over at Sony Online Entertainment have been giving bits and pieces of progress for fans.

In one of the "H1Z1" recent dev blog posts, Ryan Favale, graphics programmer over at SOE, has given a few more details about the dynamic weather system in "H1Z1." There have already been screenshots of snow featured by the developers, but in more detail, "H1Z1's" weather system is server controlled, including the rain and rain clouds.

Before Early Access arrives for "H1Z1," the developers are trying to ensure that all of those who are playing in the same region will get the same weather at the same location, regardless where they are playing at the moment.

One advantage of this would be to ensure that hackers won't get an advantage in tweaking settings and such, ensuring fair play as much as possible. More weather features will be added with even better controls and effects, but the developers are hopeful that these will be included when "H1Z1" releases for Steam Early Access.

"We're really excited to bring this level of details and realism to the MMO genre and all games in general. Combined with a day/night cycle, we're getting into seasons and astronomical impacts on the world you play in," said Favale over at the official "H1Z1" Web site. "We're hoping to deliver to you such an immersive experience you'll forget what the weather is outside your very own office or bedroom."

Favale has been in other SOE projects, including "PlanetSide 2" and "EverQuest Next," which are among his projects during his six years of graphics programming in SOE.

Work in Progress Focus: Animation in 'H1Z1'

Apart from the progress with the dynamic weather, "H1Z1" animator Brad Constantine has also featured a new feed showcasing some characters that will be seen in "H1Z1."

One focus are rabbits, which will be part of the ecosystem in "H1Z1." According to Constantine, rabbits are just one of the small creatures coming, and that there will be more and bigger animals to be added.

Constantine also provides a bit of a background on the tools that they make use of in the development of "H1Z1," stating that one of the tools is Maya 3D animation used for animation, modeling and rendering some of the items seen in "H1Z1."

There was also a feature on bears, one of the larger animals coming to "H1Z1." There are also chickens and fishes in "H1Z1," which could be a potential food sources for survival.

Check out the animation and a bit of Q&A in the video below.

"H1Z1" work in progress (via YouTube/H1Z1)

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