'H1Z1' Release Date no Show at SOE's Second 'Work in Progress' Live Stream

By @binibiningkd on

The "H1Z1" recent live stream did not offer much to fans as its allure, which has been the community-minded approach, has taken to both the announcement and ongoing development process.

Majority of the information released on the game appeared on various platforms such as the H1Z1 sub-reddit, Twitter and regular round-ups all over the Internet.

Although some might argue that first is a dud, the second episode of the "H1Z1" Work in Progress was one of the least informative "H1Z1" events thus far. In fact, unlike the show last week which revealed designer Adam Clegg work with viewers to create the residential areas that will appear in the world map of the game, the latest episode of Work in Progress focused on the work of the environmental artist John Roy. For almost an hour, Roy showed off some of the reference photos used to create new environments for the game.

On the positive side, the work revealed during the latest "H1Z1" live stream was integral to the creation of the game. After all, devoid of the sprawling landmass to house the game's roads, towns and other landmarks, the "H1Z1" will not exist in the first place. Unfortunately, the reality does not make the sculpting of landscapes any more interesting to watch and play, or any less frustrating a replacement for the "H1Z1" information that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Thus far, it is pretty obvious that "H1Z1" will not be available for download in time for the original launch timeline, but at this point, there is no way to find out when to expect the game to hit Steam Early Access. It has been almost a month since Sony Online Entertainment offered a look at the "H1Z1" footage.

Meanwhile, the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo is already just around the corner and although there is nothing official about the game launch, it is hard to ignore the fact that the dev team is about to spill the beans to the upcoming biggest gaming convection of the year. Thus far, fans just need to wait for E3 2014 and see what the game can offer on its release date.  

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