‘H1Z1’ On PS4, PC: Updates From Devs on World Size, Early Access And More

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Danilo Napalan plays the new zombie survival game "Dying Light " in the Warner Bros. booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 10, 2014. REUTERS

With the SOE Live officially closed, new information on the upcoming apocalyptic survival title "H1Z1" has surfaced.

It seems that Sony Online Entertainment newest title, which has recently been announced to have a release on the PS4 aside from the original PC platform destination, is taking its sandbox-survival experience way more seriously.

Joystiq has gotten a chance to see more of "H1Z1," and has managed to compile of new information about the game.

What's obvious and almost kind of a practice with "H1Z1" is that from its early days even before Steam Early Access, fans were already given sneak peeks and details in the form of live Twitch broadcasts, updates and even their very own space in Reddit to voice out concerns and suggestions for the game.

"We'd rather treat it like an indie project and collaborate with the community," senior game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt said to Joystiq.

Indeed, despite the many additions, the report does state that "H1Z1" is still far from being early access-ready, with the main reason being that as a Sony arm, the developers feel that they need to achieve a level of quality before putting out a title to the public.

Another reason for why Steam Early Access is not yet in the cards for the meantime is that, given the explosion of apocalyptic titles and open-world games featuring the undead, SOE's aim is to not make "H1Z1 just like the many others already out there.

Gamefront reports that even though "H1Z1" already has the foundation of "PlanetSide 2's" engine, the experience for the game should be different and polished for fans. Mentioning another zombie title, "DayZ" and its issues, "H1Z1" producer Steve George said that they surviving as a title for "H1Z1" would require ensuring that those same issues won't be found for the title.

As far as world size is concerned, there are already plans for what SOE has to meet when "H1Z1" gets released for Steam Early Access. Gamefront adds that a 64-square-kilometer world size is in the works, though it will not stop with the released map alone.

The developers plan on expanding the map so that the world size will become massive, though this may focus on urban settings, as cityscapes like high-rise buildings might cause complications with the "H1Z1" servers.

For now, the latest addition to "H1Z1," the airdrop option for supplies, has been given a trailer as seen below.

"H1Z1" airdrops reveal (Credit: YouTube/H1Z1)

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