H1Z1 Live Stream Reveals Bow and Arrow Testing, Lootable Environments and More

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Fans cannot help but beg for more when it comes to H1Z1. Well, it seems like the day that they have been looming about has come. Sony Online Entertainment has been releasing new H1Z1 gameplay information, through live streams of course. Present live streams will be more available to players since there would be no invites required.

Diehard fans will not have to worry about checking through all those archives as these upcoming H1Z1 broadcasts will be more interesting and accessible.

Things cannot get any better, H1Z1 game developers Adam Clegg and Jimmy Wise will be leading this anticipated broadcast. Both developers even offered hands-off previews to anyone who was present at the SOE off-site presentation.

This week's H1Z1 live stream will show case the game's exciting features and mechanics such as the H1Z1's bow and arrow function. It still needs a little tweaking and game developers are planning to include features like different non-powder-based projectile weapons available to the H1Z1, as well as flaming and explosive arrows.

Gamers would also be given the option to re-use the arrows that they have already used in the game as long as these arrows have not hit target that will make them useless. Aside from crossbows and arrows, game designers have planned to include firearms and ammunition. 

Developers will give fans a glimpse on how looting will work on H1Z1. SOE have actually made the game more interactive. Players would now be able to rummage through abandoned houses and check out cupboards and cabinets. Basically, players would be able to explore places and hunt for supplies in a post- zombocalyptic scenario. But that's not all, fans would also be given the option to modify and destroy environmental obstacles. Another thrilling addition from H1Z1 is the probable use of dead bodies to lure zombies.

H1Z1 fans might not have seen this coming, but game developers have included going prone for snipers along with auto-run command possible. However, these features have not been available during the previous H1Z1 live stream last Thursday. Clegg and Whisehunt have then guaranteed that these glitches would be fixed and additional functions would be available soon.

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