H1Z1 Devs Working on Steam Early Access Prep

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Latest and new H1Z1 gameplay details will be released soon, as confirmed by Sony Online Entertainment.

According to SOE Technical Director Tom Schenck via the first dev blog for H1Z1, the team is in overdrive preparing the title for its debut on Steam Early Access.

"High priority on our Early Access feature list is polishing group behavior and tuning Emergent AI systems to the entire ecosystem. Our AI team is going nuts regulating interactions for all of the NPC characters in the game including zombies, deer, wolves, and more," Schenck revealed.

"...performance is crucial for a massive open world game and we've been trying to test the limits by enabling hordes of zombies to run around in huge packs," Schenck added.

However, Schenck did not reveal a specific date as to when "H1Z"1 will be publicly available.

Currently, the game is in a pre-alpha stage of development and has an Early Access feature list that SOE is working against to hit launch status. Basically, every day, new features, abilities and items get created and checked into the game world.

Meanwhile, a scheduled "H1Z1" live stream coming this week aims to give fans glimpse of the game's bow and arrow mechanics, which seemingly still need a little improvement before an alpha build of "H1Z1" is launched through Steam Early Access.

Some of these plans are making it possible to recover the arrows that players fired and making a few different non-powder-based projectile weapons available to the "H1Z1" community. Two or more arrows are needed to kill most of the game's wildlife, but firing an only arrow to your opponent and waiting for it to bleed is an option but it needs plenty of time.

The team also wishes to ad various types of arrows, but that won't be possible before "H1Z1" hits Steam Early Access. The new "H1Z1" will also have an auto-run command. Unfortunately, the two functions aren't still ready for the "H1Z1" live stream.

The live stream also shows how looting will actually work in the game. H1Z1 will allow players to explore the real places where they can get items in a post zombie invasion scenario.

During the latest "H1Z1" live stream from Sony Online Entertainment, it was revealed that there is a possibility that they will be using dead bodies to lure additional zombies to an area, players' ability to destroy environmental obstacles, the melee combo system that will be present from Day One and a host of other "H1Z1" gameplay topics.

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