Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Ugly Divorce: Alexa Chung to be Blamed-Reports

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The divorce reports of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have been making rounds for months now. Couple's separation came on surface when the two announced their split on a blog titled Conscious Uncoupling. However, it seems the separation is not panning out to be easy for the couple.

According to reports by Celebdirty Laundry, Martin is not happy with Gwyn's behavior and thinks that she is trying to be a control freak even after the separation. Reportedly, Gwyn forces Chris to meet him in public places for dinners and meetings and this has made latter unhappy.

"He is putting his foot down over Gwyneth's control-freak behavior," a report from Star Magazine alleged as per the Web site.

It is understood that the Gwyn and Martin called off their wedding as the latter fell for Alexa Chung. The two have been sparking romance rumors since Martin decided to help Chung with her musical career.

"He listened to a demo album of tracks, which he played to his Coldplay bandmates and producer contacts and has already set up meetings for her with Coldplay's record label, as well as his friend Jay Z's label Roc Nation," an insider told British magazine Heat as per Independent.

Chung is a TV presenter by profession and is said to be absolutely excited about a new career move.

"Alexa has wanted to branch out into music for years, but with her modelling and presenting career taking off, there was never an opportunity to make it happen. She was on the verge of doing something when she was going out with [Arctic Monkeys'] Alex Turner, but instead she decided to move to New York and continue to write and work on her music. The last thing she wanted to do was launch herself into the music world and be a flop," further reported the Web site.

However, now it seems that with Martin in tow, Chung can hope for a blooming musical career.

Paltrow and Martin have not addressed the post divorce spat rumors.

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