Guide To Five Visible Planets On February 2014

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Bright Jupiter appears at dusk this month. Saturn, Venus and Mars are best seen in the morning sky. In late February, Mercury will return to predawn sky.

February 2014 is a remarkable and memorable month for all of us as we will be able to see the five planets. Mercury and Jupiter will be seen at dusk as February starts. Mars, Saturn and Venus will be visible in the morning sky. In the night of February 2014, Jupiter is the only noticeable planet.

Mercury will be clearly seen in the early week of February. If you have an open view of the West where the sun sets, such planet will not be visible because of the glow of the sunset. Mercury will again be viewed in the late February morning sky.

All throughout February 2014, Venus will be most eye-catchy during daylight sky. While Jupiter sets in the West, Venus will be rising in the east, a couple hours before dawn. February 2014 is believed the month of Venus as this planet called the morning "star" will gleam to the top in mid-February. Venus will be shining bright in the morning sky, but it will disappear into the evening sky in late October 2014.

Mars will appear late at night and before dawn. It will rise in the east about 11 p.m. local time in early February and 10 p.m. during local time as the end of the month comes.

Saturn, the last planet on the list, will be seen in front of Libra the Scales, one of the constellations. It rises in the east-southeast horizon, about 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. local time in early February and falls to midnight as the end of the month comes close.

Among these five planets, Jupiter will be the most visible. Mercury is also visible but not as visible as Jupiter.

If you want to see these five visible planets this February clearer, you need to use binoculars and find a comfortable and clear view.

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