Guess Which Part of Miley Cyrus's Body Got a New Tattoo of a Sad Kitty? Find Out Here!

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Miley Cyrus is currently busy touring various cities in United States because of her ongoing "Bangerz" tour but that does not mean that the singer will stop leading her fun life. She got herself a strange new tattoo on her inner lip recently and showed the picture to all her fans on her Instagram page. The new tattoo that Miley got is that of a sad crying kitty in yellow colour. It is not sure if it is a permanent tattoo or Miley just got it temporarily.

"#sadkitty #f***yeahtulsa @waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen @katyweaver #lovemoneyparty #freak," Miley captioned the selfie which shows off her lower inner lip tattoo. It appears that the "Bangerz" beauty got her tattoo in Tulsa, where she performed Thursday night. The 21-year-old is seen wearing bright red nail paint as she pulls her lower lip down to reveal the inking. Sporting a black t-short the blue-eyed "Wrecking Ball" songstress looks gorgeous in the picture. Check it out here.

The inner lip tattoo craze was first kicked off by "Tic Toc" singer Ke$ha in 2012. The singer had the words "SUCK IT" tattooed on her inner bottom lip. The Huffington Post reported that Ke$ha got her tattoo from the Alchemy Tattoo in Los Angeles.

It is not clear who did Miley's tattoo but if one goes by the photographic evidence, it looks like Miley's tattoo is for real. The singer posted another picture of herself with her face covered in towel on her Twitter account. The picture is captioned "#OuchyBooBoo." Check it out here.

Another picture also shows Miley covered completely from her lips in a black hooded t-shirt. It is quite possible that the singer was recuperating from her sensitive tattoo hence did not want to show her face in these pictures.

Miley's last tattoo was a dedication to her grandmother Loretta Finley in November. "Because I am her favorite & she is mine," Miley wrote on the caption beside the picture of the tattoo. Do you think the latest tattoo from Miley is her most bizarre tattoo yet? Does the sadness in kitty's expression reflect Miley's sadness in some way? What are your views?

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