Guardians of the Galaxy: Thanos and The Infinity Stones, On A "Holy Mission" With Villains Ronan and Korath

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"Guardians of the Galaxy" wouldn't be a thrill without some "killer" scenes to grace the scene. Thanks to the villains and nemesis of the guardians Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and eventually "Drax the Destroyer," the sci-fi film is bound to entertain viewers with some amazing action scenes coupled with special effects graphics. However, how much do viewers really know so far about the villains Thanos, Ronan and Korath? While move trailers seem to focus on the guardians, providing little details about the villains other than their intent to create havoc in their quest for the infinity stone, Ronan and Korath actually exist to aid Thanos' "holy mission" of eradicating the galaxy.

Marvel comics' villain Thanos may only be appearing briefly in "Guardians of the Galaxy," but he is revered throughout the movie by the villains. Thanos' only desire is to gain ultimate power, thus his quest to retrieve the infinity stones that power his infinity gauntlet. There are six stones and Star Lord happens to have one. When these stones are assmebled in the infinity gauntlet, it will grant Thanos the power he so desires and make him ruler across the Marvel universe.

Thanos' story may very well be glimpsed from his villain allies Ronan and Korath, who chases after the guardians to retrieve the stone. Not to mention his daughter Nebula, whom he has raised to be just like him, hungry for power.

According to Screenrant, Ronan is the ultimate epitome of an accuser; suffice to say his Marvel comics' name is "Ronan the Accuser."

As what Lee Pace (who portrays Ronan) said, his character is "the judge, he's the accuser and he's brutal." Additionally, movie director James Gunn described Ronan as "bad as bad can get," who is a "complete sociopath" and can be likened to a sadist since he "enjoys the pain of others."

The cast and crew of "Guardians of the Galaxy" even fears Ronan, giving him the description of a "psychopath."

However, Ronan the Accuser's evil streak has its purpose. His people have been battling the Xandarians and he wants nothing more than to eradicate them. That's why, according to a previous report from IBTimes, Ronan struck a deal with Thanos that he will retrieve the stone for him and in the process, Thanos will destroy Xandar.

Ronan then hires "Korath the Pursuer" in a quest to retrieve the stone. Korath (played by Djimon Hounsou) is a hunter and Ronan's ally. In the movie trailer below, he is seen attempting to retrieve the stone from Star Lord inside a cave. But he fails, which angered Ronan.

Ronan and Korath may have their own motive to retrieve the stone (eradication of Xandar), however little do they know that they're actually helping Thanos in his desire to wipe out all that is weak. While Ronan and Korath live to please Thanos, Thanos on the other hand lives to please "Death."

According to Screenrant, "Death" is a character in the Marvel comics. Anyone who challenges earth's heroes is accordingly courting "Death." Apparently, Thanos is in line to court "Death" since he wants to achieve his "holy mission" of eradicating the galaxy.

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