‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ 2 – No More ‘Earthlings’

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Director James Gunn arrives at the premiere of his film "Super"
Director James Gunn arrives at the premiere of his film "Super" in Hollywood, California March 21, 2011. Reuters/Fred Prouser

The popular comic book character Captain Marvel will not be appearing in "Guardians of the Galaxy" 2. The director of the upcoming movie, James Gunn, confirmed in the recently concluded Dragon Con event.

Dragon Con is an annual event, focusing on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and movies. The event takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and also features a parade. The event is being held since 1987.

James Gunn was speaking at a panel discussion at the Dragon Con event. According to a report by Collider, the director confirmed that the character Captain Marvel will not be featured in the movie "Guardians of The Galaxy" 2.

James Gunn said that he wanted Peter Quill to be the main focus of "Guardians of the Galaxy" 2. He wanted the character to be the only connection to the planet earth and not add more "earthlings" in the upcoming movie.

The director conceded that the character Captain Marvel will be appearing soon in one of the Marvel Movies.  He said that there were also other women characters in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" universe that he would want to introduce in the movies.

James Gunn also said that the character Yondu wasn't going to feature in the movie. The character was only added later to help the storyline. He also spoke about the challenges in bringing the character Rocket Raccoon to life and believed the character to be the heart and soul of the movie.

Yondu is seen as a mentor to Peter Quill and is also the head of the mercenary group known as the Ravagers. Rocket Raccoon is seen as Frankenstein's monster. Readers who have seen the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" will remember the emotional outburst of the character, talking about the many scientific experiments he was in.

The tile Captain Marvel was used by many characters in the Marvel comic books. The title was first used by Billy Batson, who got his powers from the wizard Shazam. The title is currently being used by the female character Carol Danvers.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" 2 is slated to be released on July 28, 2017 in the US and the UK. The success of the previous movie has increased the expectations for the upcoming movie. The plot and casting details of the movie are still unknown at this time.

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