GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC Supposedly Out on November 7; Flashback Friday for GTA Online Jobs

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Has the "GTA V" been dated for a launch by a retailer again?

It seems that everyone is excited for the "GTA V" PS4, Xbox One and PC--recently confirmed versions of the fan-favorite game--to finally arrive as another retailer has pegged a peculiar date for the release of the title.

Gamepur reports that the alleged launch date, November 7, 2014, has been pegged by GameSeek, an online retailer. But what's even more interesting is that it may not be a placeholder as some retailers usually put in.

According to the report, the date falls on a Friday, usually the release date of games for Europe. It also goes against a couple of new games expected to release on November 7, so that also makes it an interesting choice of release date.

As far as official confirmations go, however, developer Rockstar Games has only confirmed a fall 2014 release for the "GTA V" for PS4, Xbox One and PC. So far, no delays have been announced by the developers.

GTA Online Creator Jobs Go Back to the Classics

Rockstar Games has released a new batch of Jobs, this time with a theme of Classic GTA Missions, as most of them are throwback to jobs from past "GTA" titles.

A few of these include The Exchange, which sees a reimagined "GTA 3" Deathmatch for the final mission. Add the strategically placed props to make it an original work, this is something that you'd want to play with your Crew.

Bomb da Base also goes back to "GTA 3" of the same name, but this Deathmatch goes heavy on the shipping vessels where hidden ammo can be retrieved.

A Vice City shout out comes from Four Iron, made by auclairi-O_o, a Deathmatch that serves as a remake for the Four Iron mission in "GTA Vice City." You make use of handguns all over a golf course as well as golf clubs--your choice.

Three jobs hail back to "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" There's Farewell, My Love... where you play with Coupes to go through the circuit of The Panopticon in Red Country. There's Valet Parking, which is based on the side mission of the San Andreas game, and also High Stakes, Low Rider, a remake of the same mission in San Andreas.

Check out Rockstar Newswire for a full list of the new GTA Online Creator jobs approved by the developer.

"GTA V" coming to PS4 (via YouTube/PlayStation)

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