GTA V for PC Release Date and Strip Club DLC from Source Code Leaked

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After denials and keeping mum about any other platform for "GTA V," Rockstar Games has finally ensured that the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game will also be making its debut with the official confirmation made last month.

However, as far as release dates are concerned, Rockstar has not yet given anything official for fans to go on with. But this has not stopped fans from trying to look for any and all possible clues as to when the can finally get their hands on "GTA V" for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Geek has spotted a listing from an online retailer, Coolshop, which has listed "GTA V" for PC for a November 14 release date. As far as clues go, this is not an impossible listing, given that Rockstar has only given a release date of fall 2014, and November 14 does fit the bill.

It is also a good timeframe, considering that this will be the start of holiday season and the time for buying gifts for the holidays. The report goes so far as to speculate the possible release date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, assuming that the developers will try to lessen the sudden surge in load for its GTA Online servers.

If the "GTA V" PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released sometime before the PC version finds its way to retail, then it's highly likely that the version of the next-gen consoles will be made available around the week of November 7 or the week before that.

As such, all of these remain as speculations based on the release date set by an online retailer. Rockstar Games has yet to announce any official dates.

Next "GTA V" DLC Spotted as a Strip Club Expansion?

Aside from the leaked "GTA V" PC release date, another fan has sighting another potential clue to the next "GTA V" game. This time, it may be for an expansion following the latest addition, the "I'm Not a Hipster Update."

Gameranx cites a fan who has tinkered with the source code from the "GTA Online" who claims that he has found two strip clubs that may be coming out for "GTA Online." According to the source, the code presents maps of how the strip club will look.

The first is said to look like a 24/7 strip club that looks very much like Hornbills, while the second is a typical club that features dancing and drinking. As far as activities within the strip clubs are concerned, there have not been any other clues. But speculations that are worth mentioning include the new missions and even a possible way to socialize with other players in "GTA Online."

"GTA V" coming to PS4 (via YouTube/Rockstar Games)

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