GTA V Online: Money-Glitch Ban Goes After Cheaters as a New Zombie DLC Leak is Spotted


More than the issue of the very delayed "GTA V" Online Heists update, or the fact that the 1.16 patch is not yet issued, online games and YouTubers are having problems with "GTA V" because of the surprise banning that Rockstar Games seems to be issuing on them.

Money glitching has been pretty much staple in "GTA V" way back when it was first released. From dishing out unlimited money glitches to giving tips on how players can get the most out of it, YouTube users have created fanbases who follow their advice on such activities.

But according to VG 24/7, Rockstar may now be acting as "police" to these YouTubers. The likes of NoahJ456 have been banned for revealing these money glitches. While Rockstar has constantly been rolling out patches to stop the glitches, there is now a sudden shift on banning the glitch finders instead.

Alleged Zombie DLC Leaked

The GTA Online Heists DLC is potentially the most awaited and anticipated expansion pack for "GTA V" but Rockstar Games seems to be keeping any details and possible release dates close to the chest.

Despite the many leaks and speculations, there does not seem to be any confirmation from Rockstar Games at all-at least for the meantime.

Some fans have moved on to finding other clues in the source code, but the latest finding may actually point to the addition of zombies in the game.

Gameranx reports that a new DLC for "GTA V" may actually be a PS4 exclusive, considering that the next-gen version of the game is finally confirmed. The source code not only alleged confirms what is known so far with the casino DLC, but it also gives a few more details, including assassination missions, IAA missions, Trevor missions and even mini games.

Some more details even hint at possible names for the assassin missions, including "sky dive" and "cable car."

But what's even more interesting is the fact that the source code has been spotted with a string that says "main_ZMB." The immediate reading for this is obviously "zombies" and as the report states, it could be an interesting single player approach that can actually extend on to "Grand Theft Auto Online."

Despite all of these source code leaks, Rockstar Games is still not talking about any DLCs coming out. Even Online Heists, the only confirmed upcoming DLC, has not yet been updated by the developer, so expect that there will be some time left before any confirmations do occur.

"GTA V" Casino Interior gameplay glitch (Credit: YouTube/DomisLive)

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