GTA V Online Heists Latest Leak Shows Off Animation and the GTA V PC Release Date

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Just recently, the supposed zombie DLC for "GTA V Online" has been leaked in a video featuring a couple more codes pointing to the update.

The same YouTube user Chrom3xMoDz has been spotted with another video, this time featuring animations for the much delayed yet anticipated update, "GTA V" Online Heists.

VG 24/7 has spotted the animation leak, which features the folders with animation files. There are 104 animations that are included in the leaked codes, and these include opening safe doors and putting cash in a bag. There are also a few more animations like grab; killldrop and rappel.

You can check the video below, but hopefully, Rockstar Games will be using Gamescom as a venue to announce the possible release date for the "GTA V" Online Heists DLC update.

The last official word from the developer regarding the "GTA V" Online Heists DLC is that it will experience further delays.

Forbes reports this particular delay, which was delivered when they had released the "I'm Not a Hipster" update.

"For those of you asking about other upcoming GTA Online updates, we have lots more in store coming your way soon. We know many fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Online Heists that we had planned to release for you this spring, and they are taking more time to create than originally anticipated. We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can," Rockstar said in an official announcement quoted by Forbes.

That has been quite some time ago and still there is no official word from Rockstar. This may be a reason as to why more fans are opting to dig into the "GTA V" source code itself to find any possible clues to the update.

The "GTA V" PC Release: Still on Track

While the "GTA V" Online Heists content pack continues to see a delay, those who will be playing the title on next-gen consoles and the PC will be happy to know that Take-Two has not yet announced any delays for the versions in their latest fiscal reports.

Over at Business Wire, the different content and update packs, including The High Life Update, The Independence Day Special and the I'm Not a Hipster Update will all be coming to both the "GTA V" and "GTA Online" once they are released for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In addition, the planned release for fall of 2014 has not yet been moved. There's also the added confirmation that the progress that PS3 and Xbox 360 players of "GTA V Online" will be able to transfer their progress and characters from the "GTA Online" to any one of the upcoming platforms, PS4, Xbox One or PC.

"GTA V" Online Heists leaked animations (Credit: YouTube/Chr0m3xMoDz)

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