GTA V Online Heists Gets More Source Code Leaks and Clues to a Different Expansion Spotted

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Recently, a new leak from the source code was spotted to reveal strip clubs possibly coming as DLC to "GTA V," another code leak was spotted for the "GTA V" Online Heists.

The Online Heists DLC has been rumoured time and again, even way before the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update was rumoured and released. It seems that either developer Rockstar Games is being tight-lipped about the matter or the expansion may just be taking too long in the drawing board to be announced this early during the production.

Product-Reviews reports that instead of a release date, which has been far delayed from their original aim, the new information is related to a new source code leak. This was spotted from DomisLive, a member of the "GTA V" community that also has been providing a number of leaks for the players.

The link above has a source code leak that hints at a $100,000 payout for the "GTA V" Online Heists. Other information for the Online Heists have been pegged to $1,500,000, where being part of the four-team criminal gang can give you up to $25,000 for every Heists or up to $375,000 when you are able to execute the targets for a Heist.

For now, the "GTA V" Online Heists are still a rumour, with Rockstar not giving any official confirmations about the matter. Best take this with a grain of salt, but also a possibility worth waiting for.

Other DLC Plots Discovered in Source Code?

Apart from the "GTA V" Online Heist source code, this new one involves files hinting at several locations for the DLC, more than the strip club that was earlier rumoured.

The new clue sighting has suggested the likes of hosting parties, stadium, a comedy club and more clothing options.

Air Herald reports that the new additions have been spotted, with the stadium supposedly somewhere in the Maze Bank Arena and where a monster truck derby will be made possible. As for the comedy club, the interiors have been spotted for this one as well.

A glitch has marked the clothing options that are already accessible to player show have spotted the glitch in "GTA V." According to the report, it's supposed to be for another "GTA V" DLC that is not yet released.

"GTA V" Online Heists rumours (via YouTube/DomisLive)

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