GTA V Online Heist Release Date Update: Eight Missions, Cops N Crooks & More

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The weekend's bonus XP celebration for the 'I'm Not a Hipster' DLC release made the GTA Online fans really excited and wandering when will those assured GTA Online thefts will come into sight. Rockstar grabbed the chance to tell people that the heists are not totally ready yet and took the moment to apologise for missing the spring deadline.

Unluckily, a new deadline wasn't released and fans are left with questions on when will the heists appear and what the GTA Online heists will include. Luckily, a new leak released answered at least one of those questions.

GTA Online Heist Leak: Cops N Crooks Features Revealed

In the latest video released, DomisLive shows eight missions found in the game's source code, including two that appear to fit the profile for heist missions. These are the eight missions titles found in the leak.        

1 - Prison Van Rescue - When cops busy - A noose van driven by NPC's will be intercepted by criminals to free gang member then take him back to the gang house. 16 criminals and 16 cops can join the mission.

2 - Drop Off Hooker - Blips will appear on player's radar then the player must pick up a prostitute and drop her off somewhere, with a time limit.

3 - Funeral - Gang members must escort a Lieutenant's hearse through town. Rival gang members have to get in the hearse and destroy it. This triggers after Escort Crook Boss if the Boss is killed.

4 - Territory Takeover - Players can fight to take over territories in the game to produce a revenue stream for them.

5 - Fight Gangmate - Two teammates have to have a fist fight with each other. The gang lieutenant gets two teammates to fight as part of an initiation.

6 - Cop Territory - Cops are put onto territory take over missions, they get no choice whether to take them or not.

7 - Ornate Bank Heist - Get behind the counter of the bank, hack into the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission.

8 - FiB Grab - Criminal Heist - Abseil down FIB tower, break in, download data, escape. 4 crew: 3 abseilers, 1driver. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission. All 4 heli to FIB roof. 3 abseil down tower, smash window into office and hack a data terminal to get classified data. Meanwhile, driver dumps chopper and collects getaway car. Skydive out office to the getaway car and escape to gang house. Cops join in once one crook is inside office. Cops are told to arrest the crooks. FIB office has AI agents that must be shot, 2 waves of AI agents enter based on hack progress.

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