‘GTA V’ 'Heists' And 'Zombies' DLC Update: Release Date Reports

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While fans await the release of "Grand Theft Auto V" for the next-gen consoles, more and more details of possible downloadable contents for the game have made the rounds on the Internet.

According to International Digital Times, the recent cover of PlayStation magazine suggests another DLC could have players fighting zombies. The YouTube video below from DomisLive gives fans a glimpse of what the possible "GTA V" zombie DLC looks like. It also gives an analysis on what the content may mean for the game series.

However, the site suspects the zombie DLC could be console-exclusive. Kotuku's Stephen Totilo previously spoke with PlayStation's North American marketing vice president, John Koller, about possible perks for "GTA V" for the PS4. The zombie DLC could be among the special treat for PlayStation 4 owners. Although Koller's statement about the game franchise is a little vague, he did say that "GTA V" and the "GTA" franchise is something that will be something very special on PlayStation."

When asked if there would be a "particular offering" that would best be suited played on PlayStation 4, Koller assured fans of its possibility.

"I don't think we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be," he said.

The "GTA V" zombie DLC is rumoured for release sometime in October or November, according to International Digital Times. However, Rockstar or Sony has yet to release an official statement on its release date.

Meanwhile, the release for "Heists," the downloadable content for "Grand Theft Auto V Online" is confirmed to be delayed. An administrator at Rockstar Games has issued an apology explaining the reasons for the delay.

"We know many fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Online Heists that we had planned to release for you this spring, and they are taking more time to create than originally anticipated. We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can," the administrator said.

"Heists" dedicated site AreTheHeistsThereYet.com also counted down the days from the release of "GTA Online" up until the release date of the DLC. The site claims it's already been 332 days as of this writing and still no "Heists."

Rockstar reportedly addressed the clamour from fans for the DLC release by introducing the "I'm Not a Hipster" update, which features new jobs, cars and new customization options.

However, the update is said to be a far cry from the anticipated DLC that players are getting impatient. After all, "Heists" promises great gameplay since players can partake in missions, which reportedly includes Prison Van Rescue, Drop Off Hooker, Funeral, Territory Takeover, Flight Gangmate, Cop Territory, Ornate Bank Heists, and FIB Grab.

Source: YouTube/DomisLive

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