'GTA Online' Update: Introducing 10 New Rockstar Verified 'Grand Theft Auto Online' Jobs Including Creator Weekend Selections [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Rockstar Games has just released a new "GTA Online" update. The New York City based video game developer and publisher has just introduced 10 new Rockstar Verified "Grand Theft Auto Online" Jobs including the Creator Weekend selections in its official Web site.

According to Rockstar Games, there are now over one million Jobs that have been published for the game. Some of these Jobs that are made by "GTA Online" players have actually earned Rockstar's seal of approval and are officially called Rockstar Verified "Grand Theft Auto Online" Jobs. Upon earning this verification, these "GTA Online Jobs" will be made available for players of both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. "Grand Theft Auto Online" Jobs including its names are credited to the "GTA Online" Creator community.

Rockstar Games held a "GTA Online" Social Club Event Weekend last Dec. 2013. It ran from Dec, 20-22, 2013 and it featured free access to the Jobs created by several players through the Deathmatches and Races Creators Beta from the "GTA Online" community. Part of the event was a contest for the chance to win prizes including GTA$1,000,000 and an exclusive "GTA Online" unique vanity license plate. All the participants had to do was tag Jobs with #CreatorWeekend.

Check out the 10 new Rockstar Verified "Grand Theft Auto Online" Jobs including Creator Weekend selections below.


1. Casal Dos Ferros Race -

"A track for the Online racing purist. No novelty factors, no sneaky tricks, no unwelcome distractions - this is raw and unadulterated driving where timing is everything and winning is decided on milliseconds and inches," states the description of the race in Rockstar Games' official Web site.

"GTA Online" players are advised to use slipstreams to lead in this particular race and to not blink and look back, just continue driving.

2. Classy Construction -

This is a Deathmatch which consists of construction workers and firefights. Players are advised to use a sniper rifle and go to the top of the Vinewood Hills mansion (at the turrets) to win the game without dying first. Or, they can also opt to use a minigun.

3. Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. -

This is a "GTA Online" race that is basically a recreated version of a famous real-world track racing event which is very detailed and realistic.

4. Stars In Your Eyes -

According to Rockstar Games, this is "a tribute to the legendary track 'Stars in Your Eyes' in GTA IV." This "GTA Online" Job was created by blueeyedbarbi. Players are advised to pick out the fastest car and to turn the traffic off, especially for those with slower reaction and reflexes.

5. Twists and Twirls -

This is a race from Galileo Observatory to Tongva Valley featuring Blaine County's beautiful countryside with views of the Vinewood Hills. Players are advised to choose their cars well and avoid the Comet.


1. Crastenburg Drifting Race - Made by French-Canadian Creator WoriedNiko.

Players are advised to turn the rain on for this particular race to make it all the more challenging and exciting. This is a race constructed across several parking lots near Los Santos International. Crastenburg Drifting Race creator WoriedNiko won GTA$1M and the license plate TOPCRE8R.

2. 4 Way Madness - Made by Creator gangsterpdp.

This features a downtown track that is spread over four blocks. It has gas tanks beneath the airspace. 4 Way Madness creator gangsterpdp won GTA$1M as well as an exclusive license plate (CRE8R).

3. Laguna Seca Remake - Made by Creator GTAVDriver 

This is a recreation of the Laguna Seca raceway in Southern California. It features tight 270 degree turns and long straights for skilled drivers. Laguna Seca Remake creator also won GTA$1M and the license plate NO1CRE8R.

4. Paradise Ally - Made by Creator unseenchaos26.

This is a Deathmatch located at the end of Del Perro pier, among the warehouses in that area. Players are advised to ride an ATV and plow through buses and cars that are burnt out. Then, they must proceed to the central corridor and launch a surprise attack. Paradise Ally creator unseenchaos26 won the license plate THECRE8R.

5. Terry's Hangout - Made by Creator terrynut6969.

This holds the distinction of being the only #CreatorWeekend selection that is not located in Los Santos. It can be found in Blaine County. Just look for a cluster of buildings around a small airport hangar and you will find the area. Terry's Hangout creator terrynut6969 won the license plate I CRE8 for this creation.

Rockstar Games says that "GTA Online" players can access these newly Verified creations in their next Freemode session.

Check out a video montage of Rockstar Games' First "GTA Online" Verified Jobs.


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