'GTA Online': New Rockstar-Verified Jobs to Play Before The High Life Update Arrives

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Rockstar Games has previously announced "GTA Online's" The High Life Update will be coming in by May 13. This update will allow gamers to get new features, including new vehicles, new options to the real estate market, new garage space and even multi-property ownership.

But seeing a how that's still almost an entire week away, Rockstar Games has also released 10 more new Rockstar-verified jobs which gamers can play for the meantime while they wait for The High Life Update. Here's a rundown of the various jobs they can take on "GTA Online."

Criss Cross Dock Race

It's all about eight players doing Land Racing around the docks as an extension of the 4-way Madness-verified jobs. Expect mid-air collisions and perfect sites for drifting.

Welcome to LS

The Los Santos Airport is gamers' playground, where they can make use of the sweeping turns by the terminal approach roads. Of course, there are also tricky turns where perfect timing and braking are key to winning the race.

Chickin' Drifting

Taking off the previous side of double back races across a bridge, Chickin' Drifting involves placing chicken sheds along the bridge running over Lago Zancudo. It's more about gamers knowing how to bob and weave rather than going as fast as they can—and making sure to get all those chances to take the lead by smashing into the leaders when they can.

Stream Racer

Ride on Sanchez dirtbikes along the streams in Vinewood Hills and get ready to face off with an extra challenge on the on-road section that transitions between streams.

Bad - San Andreas

Tight and technical could be Rockstar's terms for this race, as gamers need to go through cark parks of downtown Los Santos. Recommendations for a more enjoyable time doing this race include playing through with the Albany Roosevelt that came with The Valentine's Day Massacre Update.

Strong Hold

A two-team stronghold map where gmares have a fortified centre, where one team holds the fort as a defense while the other serve as attackers. It's either having a defensive viewpoint or the attacker's choice with strong weapons on the side.

Ew, You Stepped in Dooody

Hilarious title but not so much when gamers start to deal with on-and-off ramps off some Freeways in downtown Los Santos. Players will be testing their timing, braking, drifting and accelerating in different parts of the race—plus the addition of having two opponents: fellow racers and that doody.

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Hold: The Watch Tower

It starts off with players letting out all their firepower as four teams of two trying to attack together a central area to get Capture bags protected by armed militia. But when they've already gotten through the common enemy, gamers need to prepare for all-out war as each team fights for its own to get those bags for themselves.

The Academic

The key to winning may be how gamers take advantage of the speed boost at the starting grid, as The Academic doesn't have much room where they can get back first place once they've lost it.

The Los Santos Riots

A Deathmatch that takes place in the residential Strawberry, the setting is littered with emergency vehicles and buses, where gamers' battle cry is all about taking back the power and raising hell on the streets of South Central Los Santos.

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