GTA Online Gets More Rockstar Verified Jobs and Details How to Make Killer Deathmatches

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Rockstar Games has added 10 more jobs that have been Rockstar-Verified for the next time you play GTA Online.

LSC Great Eight has been added as a verified job, a project from DrAtomic1. This takes the eight-track to another intense level that cleverly makes use of 8 through the game.

El Cactus's Getting High and Low tests your abilities in precision, as you race around the path by Cassidy Creek using a motorbike. Fast and sharp corners will keep coming after the first run, and if you're not good at turning, you can easily find yourself veering off the road.

Enjoy a GTA-style Speedball with yoduhh62's Paintball! You have sandbags, fences, and vehicle wrecks all around, and instead of the harmless splatter from paintball, you can expect gunfire all around.

Control and pacing will be tested in Senora Desert Hills from ZardozToast, because you have both intensely sharp turns and pretty long straight drives throughout the Grand Senora Desert. Aside from control, you will also be tested on vehicle selection that will let you avoid drifting off a cliff.

Pushing the challenge of horse racing tracks is Dirt Track Derby from N8thok. According to the developer, this was chosen because it ups the experience a lot as you play alongside 15 other gamers who will be drifting through the track.

Check out the other Rockstar Verified approved jobs in the link above. In the post, Rockstar has also hinted an added feature coming to GTA Online. "Also keep an eye out on the Rockstar Newswire for more news about the upcoming expansion to the Creator tool."

How to make a killer GTA Online Deathmatch

When getting started with the Creator for creating your own GTA Online deathmatches, you have to remember that there are some points that you should include in the game, such as setting up the Deathmatch Type, having Normal or Team varieties, and setting the parameters for the players.

According to Rockstar, what you need to focus on is finding the balanced weapon choice, as this will be one of the foundations for creating a Deathmatch. You can customize the weapons being used, whether it is forced only (where you stick to just one eapon), Forced + Pickups (where you can only allow for pickups), and even the Owned + Pickups (where the gamers have their choice of loadout.

Placement also plays a huge role, because you need to place Triggers for where your players will start the Deathmatch. Spawn Points, which the players will make use of when they die in the deathmatch run, are also vital. A shortcut method would be to first get everything until the Triggers are in place, and then just hit Randomize so it can create an instant Deathmatch, which you can tweak later on.

Rockstar provide a number of design tips, reiterating the importance of balance, the need for testing the Deathmatch, and the benefit of marketing your creation. You can check out more on Rockstar's Newswire.

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