'GTA 5' Still Possible for PS4 or Xbox One; More 'GTA 5 Online' Rockstar-Approved Jobs

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Talk about "GTA 5" on the PC, the PS4 or the Xbox One is still being brought up time and again after months of the release of "GTA 5" on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

After speculations of a PC release and hopeful players who want it on the next-gen consoles, it seems that Take-Two is still open with the idea, so long as there will be customers in that particular platform, reports MCVUK.

"We wouldn't drive them there, we would just be there if they are there," said Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick to MCVUK regarding the potential release of "GTA 5" and its other games for other platforms. "We are not in the hardware business, we don't have any dog in that hut, we just want to be where the consumer is," he added.

While there is no confirmation on whether or not "GTA 5" will, indeed, find its way on the PC or other consoles, at least there is the hope that, with enough demand, gamers may find the title in another platform.

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Longer List of Rockstar-Approved Jobs for 'GTA 5 Online'

For those who are still playing "GTA 5" and "GTA Online" or still looking for a fun way to experience the game, developer Rockstar Games has recently updated its list of Rockstar-verified jobs.

"Once jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session," said Rockstar on its Newswire.

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One of the new job picks is from papa salada titled "Beach Side Race," which puts players on ATVs and motorbikes and have them racing alongside the Vespucci Beach North to the Pacific Bluffs.

"Custom Freeway gymkhana" is just another one of the eight races from SaltedCracka is a good one for those looking for jumps, tricky turns and drifting.

With over 2,000 plays before it has gotten its Verified status, cionyes, "From Weazel to Weazel" has players vying for pickups in the game, as each one has been strategically placed in the course to really give them that one big push towards the first dash.

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"Lodge Battle" is like reliving a slasher movie experience, as it features an abandoned ledge in a forest where it seems like anything can happen. The setting alone puts it on a different playing field compared to other Deathmatches, more so when players start picking their weapon and letting it rip firing squad style.

Check out Rockstar Newswire for more of the verified jobs that gamers can play on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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