GTA 5 for PC Outed, Bethesda Teases with New Project; Sony Games to Include Gran Turismo 6?


Grand Theft Auto 5 has already been announced for PS3 and the Xbox 360, but now a German retailer may have outed a potential PC release.

According to VG 24/7, two retailers, GamesOnly and Amazon Germany have already listed the PC version, requiring the Windows 7 and Vista OS to run.

That's not all, there may even be a special edition offer as posted (and removed) by GamesOnly. Among the elements and materials in the special edition include a Steelbook with exclusive artwork, stunt-planes challenges, online-store concessions, exclusive weapons, special abilities booster, bonus outfits and tattoos, and a world map.

VG 24/7 adds that this bit of news has already been confirmed b a rep from GamesOnly to a GTA fan site.

The next question would be when will Rockstar Games confirm the PC version, and more importantly, when will the release date be?

Sony's busy gaming week

PlayStation gamers may expect something big in the coming week, as Sony gears up for exciting game announcements.

"We've a busy week in the offing, with some intriguing game announcements planned," said Fred Dutton, SCEE blog manager of the PlayStation Blog, as quoted by GameSpot.

Past rumors and leaks have involved games like Gran Turismo 6 and The Order 1886. Other games that have already been announced are MotorStorm Apocalypse, InFamous 2, and Little Big Planet 2.

There's still an entire month before Sony's own June 10 E3 2013 presentation day, so expect more hype to come for the featured games.

Bethesda teases another project

After the announcement of The Evil Within, Bethesda's next project following the end of its Skyrim run, everyone thought that that was it.

Apparently, Bethesda has a lot more up its sleeve, and is now rolling out more teasers via its official Twitter account. The teasers showcased what seemed like screenshots of an upcoming game and captioned with #1960, reports IGN.

But what's more baffling is the fact that Bethesda then tweeted, "This morning's tease is not related @BGS_Devs is working on." With this, any follow-ups to Skyrim (for those still hoping) or the speculated Fallout 4 are banished.

Hopefully, Bethesda will reveal more details as to where this new project is going.

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