GTA 5 Online San Andreas Flight School Update Brings Vehicles, Outfits and Easier Money Earning

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After coming out with quite a number of hints, leaks and alleged confirmations of GTA 5 DLCs, including the zombie update, the casino update and the online heists update, Rockstar surprised its fans by releasing an entirely different update.

Titled "The San Andreas Flight School Update," this new update brings in a couple of new vehicles, challenges, gameplay changes and bonuses that amount to quite a hefty lot with the GTA$ bonuses.

Rockstar announced the availability of the "GTA Online" San Andreas Flight School update over the official Newswire as the update that will take you to your limit and beyond.

Some of the new land and air vehicles that will be coming your way includes the Western Besra training jet, Swift helo, the 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet, Chutes and Parachut Bags, a hard-top or topless Invetero Coquette Classic

There will also be 10 solo missions, divided into different types like challenges, formation flying and combat. Another mission to take note of with the GTA 5 Online update is the new VS Mission modes. This features three modes: the Acquire Target (here your opponents fight to control one flag in a kill-the-carrier fashion), the Air Force Zero (where a defending team protects an aircraft against all costs) and the G-Rating (where you go through hot and cold environments against other cadets to collect 15 flags).

You can also rock the "GTA Online" San Andreas Flight School update with the Flight Suit costume.

For those who are looking for bigger rewards in "GTA 5 Online," this 1.16 update provides some tweaks, particularly on the Contact Mission GTA$ and RP awards. The developers revealed that these have been rebalanced so that players will get bigger and better rewards.

"GTA$ payouts on replays are no longer reduced and all rewards are now time scaled," Rockstar said via the Newswire.

Whether or not this means that the promised Online Heists update will be pushed through has not been cleared by Rockstar. The developers have not said anything about the Online Heists DLC, and instead created a new one in the form of the "GTA 5 Online" 1.16 Update.

The last leak that had been supposedly related to "GTA 5 Online" Heists had been spotted in a video from YouTube user Chr0m3xMoDz, PlayStation Lifestyle reports that the video shows off 100 animations for the single-player campaign, as seen in the video below.

The same YouTube user had leaked the reported code that had hinted a possible "GTA V Online" DLC on zombies, with Trevor and "ZMB" being two clues towards this undead pack.

Rockstar Games has not commented on the latter rumours, so the most that fans can do is wait for the release of "GTA 5" on the PS4, Xbox One and PC for possible news on the "GTA Online Heists."

"GTA 5" Online Heists gameplay leaked (Credit: YouTube/Chr0m3xMoDz)

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