GTA 5 Online New Infinite Money Glitch by Vehicle Reselling, Rockstar Games Take Action


[UPDATE: A new title update is availble, plus don't expect the first $250,000 GTA$ deposit this week. Read more to know why.]

A new money-making glitch has been found for GTA 5 Online, and it has something to do with reselling vehicles over and over, which is pretty much easy access to an infinite amount of money. There is even a YouTube video depicting the steps of what you would have to do.

For one, it can be done using a Pegassi Bati. Attack of the Fanboy reports that you can buy this vehicle from through the game's browser, upgrade it as much as you can in Los Santos Customs, and play GTA Online via Invite Only Session.

You have to go to Los Santos Customs again when you go online, pause the game, open the Xbox games Store, then exit it right after. According to the report, your character will have respawned in Los Santos Customs without the motorcycle, as it is parked somewhere else.

Get on the motorcycle, drive back to Los Santos Customs, then pause the game, open the Xbox Games, then exit it again. You'll then respawn outside with the motorcycle. Drive back to Los Santos Customs, sell the motorcycle and do the pause-game-open-and-exit Xbox Games Store combo again. This is supposedly a glitch that lets you resell your Pegassi Bati for a good deal of money.

The report adds that this glitch can be done with a variety of cars, and the only down side here is that there may be we're not buying cars right now error. But even this only needs 48 minutes or two days of game time for you to do it again.

There are some who have tried it with the Truffade Adder complete with upgrades as well, and this is said to also earn you a good deal of money.

Gamers to be banned for exploiting glitches?

Eskimo Press has also reported that Rockstar Games has allegedly already taking action against the offenders. Reporting the perspective of one of supposed GTA 5 player who knows people who have been banned from the game.

Paraphrasing the statement from Rockstar Games, Eskimo Press had mentioned that the developers were already aware of the issue, and any history or future abuse of the design flaw will be dealt with via a ban. This statement was allegedly delivered in lieu of protecting the balance of the economy and avoiding the disruption of other people's playing experience.

Worse, there is even a plan that the bans would extend to user accounts to prevent further exploitation of the same nature. While Rockstar Games has not yet announced any definitive move about this matter, the fans are getting a bit antsy about the whole situation. This is may be because of the lack of movement or announcement with regard to the upcoming promised $500,000 GTA$ stimulus package.

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