GTA 5 Online Gender Switch Glitch Spotted and More Verified Jobs Added

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The character creator for GTA Online has been an interesting tool, if only for the latest glitch found by gamers.

The next time you're thinking of creating a character, you may want to take advantage of a glitch, which apparently allows a male character to have a female body.

Spotted by Lazy Gamer, the glitch now has a video over at YouTube, where the microtransactions menu can allow for the glitch to happen in GTA Online. According to the source, what happens is that the gender of a character can be switched by replacing the head with the opposite sex.

Apparently, it seems that you need to start out with a female character, which you will then need to replace the head to that of a male one. This may hint at the limitation of the character creator feature for GTA Online, which had previously received flak for not having enough options, thereby resulting in limited lifestyle and background options for the way that your character can look.

When it was first announced, character creation seemed like a very interesting and useful tool, but has, since then, seemed to have not functioned as well as hoped. Most characters appear to look the same, with the supposed lifestyle effects on body type having little to no influence at all.

Still, maybe this will make Rockstar take notice of what's happening with the character creation tool long enough to fix the glitch or provide a few more options for players.

More Rockstar-Verified jobs listed

Developer Rockstar Games has once again given a list of 10 jobs that have been verified for GTA Online. But this round was a bit more special in the handpicking, as it already came from creators who have had jobs certified by the developer before.

"When we find a really great GTA Online user-created Job that we feel deserves recognition as one of the Rockstar Verified selections, we often dig through that Creator's other offerings to see if there is something else waiting to be unearthed," said Rockstar Games over at the Newswire.

This means that the jobs are part of a roster of Creators who have been well-known in the art of creating jobs that are cool and worthy enough to make the developers pause and look twice at two of their works.

Here are some of the new featured GTA Online jobs that you can expect to see. There's Around the Mirrors and Windy Hills from Poklaan, where you get 16 players in either fast rides or a motorbike race. Pizza690's Transformer Station and Hill Valley Cemetery lets you either battle to control the power supply in Los Santos or a battle at the cemetery where you can get health packs, weapons, and vehicles.

R* Verified baby bongongta69 shows off his Desert Test Track 4x4, which lets players go on a course at Sandy Shores, where you great views are pretty much balanced out with insane twists and bumps.

The remaining Rockstar verified jobs include Coupe D'etat, Power Hour, Refuel, and the Hospital Dash, which you can check out further in the link above.

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