“GTA 5” Online Cheats and Tricks for PS3: Easy Money, Free Weapons, and More Easter Eggs

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Fast and easy money became surprisingly scarce in "GTA 5" after Rockstar Games has implemented the patch that had taken away the infamous glitch where one can keep reselling modified vehicles at a high price.

But instead of losing heart, there are a number of ways that one can still make good money in "GTA 5." One way is suggested by Latin Post, wherein you will find a good amount of money in two places. The first is on the ocean floor located at the west coast, while another is found in the wreckage near the open hatch.

All you have to do is get the money, which is in a hidden glowing briefcase using one character. If you need more, simply switch characters and wait for the package to respawn. You can keep switching back and forth between characters to get more money.

US Gamer also reveals a number of cheat codes to use on the "GTA 5" PS3 for you to spawn vehicles. To get a BMX, you just need the following combination: Left-Left-Right-Right-Left- [] - Circle - ∆ - R1 - R2. For a Limo, simply press the following: R2 - Right - L2 - Left - Left - R1 - L1 - O - Right

You can even get a stunt plane (O - Right - L1 - L2 - Left - R1 - L1 - L1 - Left - Left - X - ∆), a Caddy (O - L1 - Left - R1 - L2 - X - R1 - L1 - O - X), and even a Comet (R1 - O - R2 - Right - L1 - L2 - X - X - [] - R1). Sometimes, vehicles can be worth more than just money, especially in GTA 5. Plus, this saves you the hassle of spending your money on these cars.

Check out US Gamer for the complete list of cheats for the spawn vehicles. Others include the Buzzard, the Duster, the PCJ-600, the Rapid GT, the Sanchez, and the Trashmaster.

Get free weapons

Aside from easy money, there are also a number of ways to obtain free weapons in "GTA 5." For example, Las Vegas Guardian Express reveals that you need to find NPCs that already have the weapons that you need.

GTA 5 screenshot (CREDIT: Rockstar Games)

You then have to kill them and steal their weapons. Of course, every action has a consequence in "GTA 5," and here, you will likely have to deal with NPC neighbors of the one you just killed. You can be killed by these, but if you still have enough ammo for the weapon, then you'll be revived and the gun will be in your inventory.

A video from Jobless Gamers also puts in a number of tricks to acquiring free weapons. One of them is a rifle, which is located in the airport, which will save you $12,000. Then, you can also get the assault weapons of cops in the airport.

In the same manner, you will likely be killed in retaliation by other cops. But just like the tip above, you can easily spawn back with the assault weapon already in your inventory. According to the video, this method applies to all weapons. But you can obtain them when you go to the Death Match. Make sure that you get ammunition for your new weapon to make them yours.

Other video game Easter Eggs

To add a bit more fun to "GTA 5," Rockstar Games has added quite a lot of Easter Eggs for fans to find. The latest round-up points to the Easter Eggs found that give a nod to other video games.

Womencitizen.com has found a couple of them, namely Max Payne (a look-alike of the character when you buy a Hawaiian shirt for Michael), Halo's Master Chief, Nico Bellic from "GTA 4," "Red Dead Redemption," which is another Rockstar Games work, and Grove Street Friends from "Grand Theft Auto."

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