GTA 5 Online Cheat Unlimited Money After Patch 1.04 and Other Fast Money Tips [VIDEO]

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Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 online players need to find alternative methods of earning large sums of money than beating the same mission over and over again. Some gamers have used the missions, paying the exact amount each time a mission is completed that's why Rockstar Games updated the system to give the player a 50% reduced amount of payouts after he beats a mission more than once. This is to encourage the players to explore new missions and the vast content of the game and keep the balance of the game.

An alternative way to earn fast money is to rob armored trucks. Look for an armored vehicle cruising along the Los Santos streets, kill the driver and knock off the back doors open with some C4 or a gun. One armored vehicle can give you over $5,000.

A more legitimate money strategy is through Merryweather Securities investment. The stock should be low after you complete the game but stocks will exponentially increase over the next few days. There is also the money on the ocean bed of west coast Los Santos and north west of Paleto Bay area for quicker money gains. Simply grab the money, switch two characters to and from the two ocean floors and earn $1 million after 80 repetition of this unlimited cash faming sequence.

You can also find Simeon vehicles for fast cash. Simeon will text a list of cars that he needs but you can only bring him one. This is fast but not large money so be careful not to damage the car as it will decrease the money you will earn. Sometimes he will ask for a priority vehicle for you to retrieve and this will be marked on your map. Look at your map and find a small outdoor weed farm with a few gang members guarding it. You will find a suitcase filled with cash inside the shed, which respawns each week.

There is a new Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Online unlimited money cheat that gets the players earn over $5 million an hour. It still works after the 1.04 patch. Find the tutorial below and rake in the cash.


Warning: Use of cheat codes disables trophies and achievement for the current play session and ability of which will return by resetting the game.

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