GTA 5 Online Beach Bum DLC, More Content, 1.06 Patch Detailed; Fan Creations Make GTA 5 More Colourful

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One thing to look forward to GTA 5 Online is the release of its Beach Bum Pack, and Rockstar Games has already announced some key details to the upcoming DLC.

First, the release date for the DLC is Nov. 19, and will come with the 1.09 Patch, both of which will be automatically added to GTA Online.

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There are three new and updated aspects coming in with the Beach Bum Pack. The first is that there will be new jobs, all of which will have the beach theme in keeping with the DLC's main vibe.

There are five overall: the Grass Route II for racing will be a sequel, putting you on an off-road adventure from Zancudo River all the way to North Chumash; Survival on Del Perro Pier will put your survival skills to the test as you ride the waves of enemies instead of sea waves; View of Vespucci will send you leaping down almost 3,000 feet into Vespucci Beach with nothing but a parachute; Paleto Beach is the team deathmatch that will be open for four to eight players; and Sundae Driving, a motorbike race where you need to beat the rest.

New vehicles are also coming out with the GTA 5 Online DLC, and all of these are ready-to-ride on the beach vehicles. There are a total of four, namely the BF Bifta dune buggy, the Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Speeder speedboat, and the Bravado Paradise beach camper van.

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Land vehicles can be obtained via while the Speeder can be availed at via the in-game phone. It can also be attained in Story Mode for all three characters, just drop by your garage and the Marina property for the vehicles.

Two new weapons can also be obtained for your arsenal, the SNS Pistol and the Broken Bottle. Ammu-Nation has both of the weapons in GTA Online, and you can expect them to be added to the three characters' inventory when playing Story Mode.

As a bonus, new customisation options will also be made available, so your GTA 5 Online character will be more fashionable. You can enjoy new beach shorts styles, tattoos, surfer looks, and the wind-swept hairdos fitting of the common vacationer.

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More original GTA 5 artwork out for you

Even with more than a month's stay in the market and with gamers, GTA 5 is still receiving some new and official artwork from the game, which can be used as backgrounds for your desktop, social network avatars, icons, and anything else you can think of.

The complete and updated archive of GTA 5 Online artwork collection can be found here, but some of the new ones include a yoga pose from Amanda and a very Mafioso look from Michael complete with his Carbine Rifle, ready for some firing.

Fans take GTA 5 Online fad to social networks

Fan art for games is just one of the most unique ways for gamers to express their love for the game, and if that's anything to go by, GTA 5 Online is receiving all the lovin' from its fans.

The latest compilation of fan art has features quite a number of interesting things, including floppy discs painted with profiles of GTA 5 Online characters from Italian artist Filippo Scaboro. Another artist, Dave Oluwexe has recreated the 80s Vice City in another artwork.

Beyond the art, there's also much to be said about appreciation via costumes and cosplay. Check out the cool fan art and creations alongside the even more unique costumes that take inspiration from the game.

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