'GTA 5': iFruit App Fixed, Soundtrack Released and 'GTA Online' Rumoured to Use Cash?

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Had enough of playing GTA 5 already? Not yet? Well, here's a breather for the time when you need to commute to work or go to the grocery, while keeping the "Grand Theft Auto" atmosphere alive.

Rockstar Games already announced that the music of "GTA 5" is already available as a trio of albums. You can purchase all three on iTunes for $9.99 each or $24.99 as a whole.

The first volume is all about original music, which features artists like Wavves, The Creator, The Chain Gang of 1974 and Twin Shadow and Tyler.

Volume 2 is all about the music score, and it is a first for the "Grand Theft Auto" series, if only because "GTA 5" is the first game that has original score composed and engineered to be responsive to the player. In essence, this volume features an array of works by composers and producers in a one-time collaboration gig.

Lastly, volume three is the soundtrack that gets tunes from the 17 featured radio stations in "GTA 5." It has 19 tracks all in all, with music from Simple Minds, Flying Lotus, Kausion and Weirdos.

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Get ready to pay up for GTA Online

This October, your "GTA 5" experience will be turned up one notch higher once the online support "GTA Online" is released on the first day of the month.

Several leaks already came up, including the number of players allowed, and this time, talk is all on the use of real money for transactions in "GTA 5's" online support.

Joystiq reports that Reddit user 1800 saw this possibility after trying out the Xbox Store option while in-game of "GTA 5," which revealed that an XML file was required. And the file in which this was found had references pertaining to cash cards that raked up to $1.25 million worth of the game's actual currency.

The file had also mentioned that purchase of cash packs for "GTA Online" will alow you to solve your money problems in the game.

So far, Rockstar Games has not yet announced any major details for its "GTA Online," though expect more in the coming weeks leading to the big launch on Oct 1.

Fixes for iFruit App Rolled Out

Developers of the "GTA 5" accompanying app iFruit has been consistent in doling out fixes, and the latest 2.0 version that's already available on iTunes addresses connectivity issues.

However, this seems far from over, as Rockstar Games recently stated in the Support section of their website, "We are continuing to work on improvements that will result in a reduction in the occurrence of these issues. There have been some further reports about errors when signing into iFruit and we are working on that again now."

So far, some of the errors that have been raised or "GTA 5's" Social Club and app include login problems via the app, saving problems, account linking on the Social Club website, server errors, login via Max Payne 3 Steam and progress saving issues.

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