GTA 5 Dream Come True: British Charity Helps Disabled Player Complete Grand Theft Auto V (VIDEO)

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) (Source:YouTube/TheGamer'sCharity)

Thanks to British charity Special Effect, a disabled gamer was able to finish Grand Theft Auto V. The British gamer, Lee, has spinal muscular atrophy. When he lost the ability to play video games because of his spinal condition, Lee thought he had lost a major part of his life.

SpecialEffect helped Lee play and complete Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V. The charity featured Lee's story on YouTube. In the video, Lee said he had been playing video games all his life and when he learned he could no longer play them because of his disability, he became depressed. He felt a big part of his life had been taken away.

SpecialEffect is a charitable organisation who specialises in helping the disabled to experience the fun in playing video games. The charity worked with Lee to get him special equipment that will suit his abilities. SpecialEffect positioned microswitches to harness the movements made by Lee's right hand. The charity also installed two joysticks so Lee can move them using his chin.

Lee thought he could never play GTA 5 because of his spinal condition but now, he said, there are no more limitations. He does things in the video games that he can't do in real life due to his disability. He is happy to know that he can play football with his brother with FIFA or drive cars with GTA 5.

Before Lee's condition had transitioned into its advanced stage, Lee was already aware of the charity when he saw the SpecialEffect pitchside advertising board in Sports Interactive's Football Manager 13 game.

In a report by Gamasutra, SpecialEffect's fundraiser Nick Streeter remarked that they were happy to help Lee play video games and GTA again. Mr Streeter said Lee's physical abilities were changing. SpecialEffect promised to keep visiting Lee to see if there are any new modifications to be made on his customized equipment.

Mr Streeter believes that games can allow people to make new friends, interact and come together to unite for a common cause. He said it was a privilege and an honour to be able to extend games to those people that would otherwise not be involved.

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